Autumn design events

From the Design Film Festival to the ADI Design Index


With the exceptional September Design Week behind us, the world of design continues its mission of excellence. Check out this autumn’s upcoming events.


If you want to know what is going on in the worlds of art, food, fashion, music, sport or children’s activities and would like to follow some itineraries designed especially for you for this autumn just click here.


From 15th October to 13th March 2022 - Triennale

Triennale is turning on the spotlight and highlighting some protagonists of twentieth-century culture who, from their time spent in Milano, have developed an aesthetic and a vision of the project that has had repercussions all over the world.

An overdue tribute to Saul Steinberg to celebrate his genius; the great artist dedicated many of his extraordinary works to the city where he resided from 1933 to 1941, his formative creative years.

He depicts this city in the seventies as his memory prompts him: solemn twentieth-century architecture of the totalitarian Regime, the local places of his Milanese life around the Polytechnic and other snapshots from his past life.


"At that time the air of Milan was excellent and the light was beautiful, and I saw something that I had never seen before, the quiet and peaceful awakening of a city: people on foot, people on bicycles, trams, workers".


Pencil, pen and pastel drawings, paper masks, objects/sculptures, fabrics, collages: a prolific exhibition of works that showcase Steinberg's multifaceted artistic oeuvres.

Don’t miss the famous covers of The New Yorker which, together with other magazines and books, give us an insight into his complex and varied life as an artist.


From November 15th 2021 to January 10th 2022 – Quadreria Triennale

Thanks to the support from Fondazione Cologni, the work of Roberto Capucci, one of the great protagonists of Italian fashion, creator and craftsman are staged in a unique itinerary of art and high craftsmanship.


The entire career of Maestro Capucci, experimenter in materials - ceramics, bamboo, plastic polymers, natural stones - is exhibited in his stunning creations that narrate a personal and original direction of design, research, art and of his beloved craft.


Free entry to the public.


Swimming immersed in a vision of art: the dream comes true at Cozzi swimming pool, with the intense and surreal mural work by Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari that was inaugurated during Milan Design Week 2021 and will embellish the space for an entire year until September 2022.


Be Water, an image created for a magazine, becomes a gigantic mural - 246 sqm of painted surface with the face and hands of a woman, a base of about 30 m and a maximum height of over 10 m - which dominates the vast interior space of the pool and, evoking the underwater world, melds with the solemn architectural element, highlighting its original function of illuminating space by combining functionality and ornament.