Not just football: the Milanese teams

From basketball to volleyball, American football and baseball

Milano: the city of fashion, design, art, culture, and... sports! Because in addition to football, which is the most popular sport for the general public, the Milanese capital is home to many other teams that represent real spearheads of the Italian landscape. Milan and Inter are the Milanese formations with the most glorious past for football and the city of Milano. Without taking anything away from their prestige, many teams of other competitive games are excellence to be valued and promoted, for a broader and more complete vision of what sport means in Milano.


Starting from basketball, Olimpia Milano is the team that has won more titles in Italy with 28 championships, 6 Coppa Italiana and 3 Super Coppa. Also for basketball, in the Serie A2, you can cheer for the Urania Milano Wildcats, which also has very prestigious prizes behind them, and the Sanga Basket Milano, for the female league.


For volleyball, in the A1 series of the men's championship, we have the Powervolley Milano and the Volley Milano, whose games take place in Monza.


As for the oval ball, the Associazione Sportiva Rugby Milano plays in the Serie A championship, while the Rugby Grande Milano plays in the B series.

Water Polo

The team of the Cus GEAS Milano, which is engaged in the Serie B championship, and the NC Milano, which participates in the A1 women's championship, hold up the flag of water polo.

American Football

American football currently has three teams playing in the Lombard capital: Rhinos Milano and Seamen Milano play in the Italian Federation of American Football's Serie A, while the Rams Milano plays in the Federation's Third Division.


Baseball fans can count on the Senago Baseball Club, engaged in the federal A series.


The in-line hockey finds its point of reference in the Hockey Club Milano 24, winner of the Serie A championship in recent years. Field hockey is represented by Cernusco Hockey, which is based in Cernusco sul Naviglio and plays in Serie B, while for ice hockey we have the Hockey Milano Rossoblu team.