Milano Derby, when Zenga pulled down the doors

From Meazza to Shevchenko a brief history of Milano Derby

Milano Derby is more than just a match. The days before, things fester and adrenaline surges. Long after the Derby della Madonnina, supporters - divided in milanisti (Milan team fans) and interisti (Inter team fans) - will discuss endlessly for months at bars about who made the bella figura, with juventini (Juventus team fans) acting as commenters.



Milano Derby is rich with world record memories. Sheva scored fourteen goals and Meazza thirteen; Maldini played fifty-six Derby matches and Javier Zanetti forty-seven. 



On April 24th, 1988 Milan and Inter plays against each other. Red and black team, running for the first place in the league, is due to win thanks to Gullit and Virdis’ goals. The match is almost done and Inter is going to lose badly. After the match, Dan Peterson - coach of Milano basket team - commented: “Any mistake done in front of Milan FC is like bleeding among a school of sharks”. Walter Zenga, Inter's exhausted goalkeeper, after heroically stopping 28-ish shots on goal, shouted to Milan FC captain Maldini: “Paolo, stop it now, please! I’m tired!”. 

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