Milano Derby, when Zenga pulled down the doors

From Meazza to Shevchenko, a brief history of Milano Derby

The Milano Derby is more than just a match. In the preceding days, discussions become confrontational and adrenaline surges. Long after the Madonnina Derby, supporters – divided between Milanisti and Interisti will go on discussing in bars, possibly for months, about who did betterwith Juventini commenting as external observers.



The Milano Derby is rich with memories of record-setting. Shevchenko scored fourteen goals and Meazza thirteen; Maldini played fifty-six derby matches; Javier Zanetti forty-seven. 



On April 24th, 1988, A.C. Milan and Inter Milan play against each other. The match is one-sided and Inter Milan is on this occasion the sacrificial victim. The post-derby observation of Dan Peterson, coach of the Milano basketball team, remains famous: "Making a mistake in front of A.C. Milan is like bleeding in front of sharks." In spite of his team’s defeat, the Nerazzurri goalkeeper, Walter Zenga, is the best in the field. The SpiderMan – as he is nick-named - is a real portcullis. Legend has it the Inter goalkeeper - after yet another save - says to Maldini: "Ok Paolo, this is enough, stop it. I'm tired".