Canoeing in Milano

Hundred years on Milano water

Around Darsena, bunches of canoes slip on water like bars of soap. Indeed Navigli are nice open air lanes for sportsmen and lovers of canoe, belonging to many sport clubs of the city placed along Naviglio Grande. 


The history of Milano on the water began a hundred years ago. Indeed well-known sport societies have a long history and they have already collected numerous eulogies. Canottieri Olona has started rowing along Naviglio Grande since 1894; Canottieri of Milano is proud of its Ambrogino d’oro and its silver medal, assigned by Milano City Hall; younger Canottieri San Cristoforo, close to San Cristoforo church, explores Idroscalo as well - water basin set in north of Milano.


Many other sport societies, such as Idroscalo Club, are placed at Idroscalo Nautical Club indeed, because Naviglio is not the only way for canoes - actually first competitions dated back to 1934 at Idroscalo. Before the Second World War, Milano waters were not just a symbol of a mercantile city, but a trace of nature and relax as well. 


Those first races dated back to XX century in Lombardy were organized by committees divided into sections and they helped to coordinate all participants. 


Already in past times, the Italian Rowing Club was the headquarter of every event. This week, the same organization coordinates Milano Women Rowing Cup - a woman world championship with teams from many Italian and international Universities. The competition is in favour of tumor research and for Milano this is an important occasion to support a sport the city is proud of.


Edited by @Alessia_Musillo