Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano: accessibility

Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano
Via Giorgio Jan, 15 20129

How to get there by public transport
By underground: M1 line (Lima stop)
by bus 60 and 81.
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In the vicinity of via Giorgio Jan, in via Ulisse Aldrovandi, there are two parking spaces reserved for disabled parking permit holders.
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Information for visitors
Admission is free. Guided tours by appointment.


After a gate (240 cm wide) you enter the main entrance, consisting of a double-leaf door (100 cm wide each). The museum is on the second floor of the house: it can be reached via an elevator, preceded by 5 consecutive steps (h 16 cm), one more step (h 15 cm) and 6 flights of stairs for a total of 50 steps (h 13 cm).



The museum staff is at your disposal for information and reception services.

A manual wheelchair is available to visitors.



The lift has the following characteristics:

  • door width 70 cm (cabin inner space 120x70 cm)
  • lift push button panel not embossed at a maximum height of 160 cm
  • velvet sofa (seat height: 44 cm).


Exhibition itinerary
The museum house is located in the premises that were inhabited by Antonio Boschi and Marieda di Stefano, a married couple, where you can admire a selection of works of art from their collection (sculptures, paintings, canvases, objects and works by famous artists of the twentieth century), donated to the Municipality of Milan in 1974. The museum itinerary (floor 2) develops in 11 rooms through a circular path. The rooms are large and free of obstacles.



Orientation signage
In the building, there are directional arrows with high contrast and large lettering (at least 7 cm).


Toilet facilities
The toilet is located at the end of the exhibition itinerary and has the following characteristics:

  • dressing room with hinged door (75 cm wide)
  • wall-mounted washbasin (clear floor area: in front: 116 cm)
  • toilet with hinged door (69 cm wide)
  • floor standing toilet (clear floor area: in front 91 cm, on the right side 41 cm, on the left side 41 cm)
  • high contrast symbols indicating toilet facilities, positioned at eye level, using medium to large size letters.



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