Museo Cenacolo Vinciano: accessibility

Museo Cenacolo Vinciano
Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2 20123

How to get there by public transport
Tram no. 16, M1 (stop Conciliazione at 350 mt), M2 and Trenord (stop Cadorna at 900 mt).
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:
For information on the accessibility of rail transport:


It is possible to park on the blue lines in the adjacent streets; in Via Fratelli Ruffini there are two parking spaces reserved for people with permits for citizens with disabilities.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


Information for visitors
In order to preserve the painting it is provided the entrance of maximum 18 visitors every 15 minutes; reservations are required. Free entrance for people with disability and for their companions.


The main entrance has one step (h 12 cm) that can be overcome with a mobile inclined ramp (slope 11%) and a double swing manual door (158 cm). the room of “The Last Supper” can be reached overcoming 4 automatic sliding doors (130 cm).


It is possible to get to the ticket office (counter height 113 cm) from the entrance on the corner of Via Fratelli Ruffini, where there are 3 consecutive steps (h 13 cm) and an automatic sliding door (120 cm). People with motor disability can get in the museum using the small fence (width 120 cm) on the right side and they can use an inclined ramp of about 5 meters (slope 8%).
The bookshop (counter height 111cm) is sited at the end of the exhibition itinerary.
Museum professionals offer information and welcome.


Exhibition itinerary
“The Last Supper” was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, between 1495 and 1498.
The exhibition itinerary develops on the same floor and the visit takes place along a circular path. Inside the room that hosts “The Last Supper” there are 6 benches. There is even a prospective tactile relief (minimum height 70 cm and maximum height 120 cm) that allows blind people to enjoy of the masterpiece.


Signage guidance
The building has directional arrows written in large letters (at least 7 cm) and well contrasted. 


Restrooms are sited at the end of the exhibition itinerary. The toilets equipped for people with disability has these features:

  • dressing (door 92 cm)
  • bathroom (door 85 cm)
  • suspended washbasin (frontal space 104 cm)
  • WC on the ground (frontal space 160 cm, right side 98 cm, left side 44 cm, horizontal grab bar on the right side)
  • symbols of the toilets well contrasted, at eye level, medium to large size.