Museo della Pietà Rondanini: accessibility

Museo della Pietà Rondanini
Piazza Castello 20121

How to get there by public transport
Tram 1, 2, 4, 12, 14, bus 50, 57, 58, 61, 94, M1 (Cairoli) and M1-M2 (Cadorna).
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The Museo della Pietà Rondanini is sited inside the Castello Sforzesco. In front of the Fontana there is a pedestrian area; along the perimeter of piazza Castello there are 5 parking spaces reserved for people with permits for citizens with disability, it is also possible to park on the blue lines.
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The museum is located inside the Ospedale Spagnolo of the Castello Sforzesco. The entrance is sited in the Cortile Ducale: it has an inclined ramp (length 125 cm, slope 7%) and a sliding automatic door (width 120 cm).


In the hall there are:

  • ticket office (counter height 103 cm)
  • bookshop (counter height 103 cm)

Museum professionals are able to give information and hospitality.


Exhibition itinerary
It develops on the ground floor: on the left side of the bookshop there are an inclined ramp (length 1 m, slope 8%) and an automatic sliding door (width 112 cm), that lead to the wide room that hosts the Pietà Rondanini, unfinished masterpiece by Michelangelo Buonarroti.
The interior spaces are free of obstacles and there are three wooden pews of different heights (h 30 cm, h 40 cm, h 50 cm).


Signage guidance
The building has directional arrows written in large letters (at least 7 cm) and well contrasted in Italian and in English.


The toilet equipped for people with disability is located under the arch of the Corte della Rocchetta and it has these features:

  • intercom (h 122 cm) to ask for the access,
  • swing door (90 cm)
  • suspended washbasin (frontal space 148 cm)
  • suspended WC (frontal space 210 cm, right side 40 cm, left side 130 cm, vertical grab bar on the right side and horizontal on the left side)
  • symbols of the toilet well contrasted, at eye level, medium to large size.


Emergency exit
Emergency routes are marked. The alarm disposal is visual and acoustic.



+39 02 88463700


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