Museo di Sant'Eustorgio e Cappella Portinari: accessibility

Museo di Sant'Eustorgio e Cappella Portinari
Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, 1 20122

How to get there by public transport
Tram no. 2, 3, 14 and bus no. 94.
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


The museum is sited in a ZTL area (limited traffic area) where it is possible to park on the blue lines along Via Gian Galeazzo. Disabled parking permit holders can park in the square in front of the basilica. Along Corso di Porta Ticinese there is a parking space for disabled parking permit holders.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


Starting from 2016, the museum is part of the Cloisters of Sant'Eustorgio.
It is possible to enter the museum, sited on the left side of the basilica (at n. 2), through a large doorway (that is always open during opening hours) and after 50 meters of uneven paving path.
The entrance has two consecutive doors, the first one is a hinged door (130 cm wide), the second is a double leaf door (60 cm wide each one).


Information for visitors
Free entrance for people with disability and their companions. Educational tours for schools and guided tours for groups of people can be booked (tel. +39 02 89402671).


In the hall there are:

  • ticket office (counter height 92cm),
  • bookshop (counter height h 92 cm).

The museum staff is at your disposal for information and tourist reception services.


Exhibition itinerary
The exhibition itinerary develops on the ground floor, with 5 rooms linked by 4 inclined ramps (maximum slope: 21%). The visit starts with the Sala Capitolare of the early Dominican monastery, followed by the Monumental Sacristy built in 1565 with its cabinets in walnut wood made by a well-known Milanese woodcarver. The cabinets contain liturgical furnishings and precious reliquaries witnessing the devotion of many Milanese families towards the Dominican convent.

From the monumental sacristy it is possible to access the Cappella Portinari, a masterpiece of Lombard Renaissance architecture. In the chapel you can admire the fresco cycle by Vincenzo Foppa and the “Arca di San Pietro Martire”. The Chapel is a squared-plan room; in the centre there is the Arca du San Pietro Martire, a wonderful example of gothic sculpture. To visit the early Christian necropolis you must overcome 15 consecutive steps (16 cm high each), with handrail on the right and two consecutives passageways (80 cm and 60 cm wide); this area has soft lights.


Orientation signage
The building has directional arrows written in large letters (at least 7 cm) and well contrasted.


A toilet is located between the first two rooms of the museum and has the following characteristics:

  • toilet with hinged door (65 cm wide)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front: 90 cm; on the right side: 24 cm; on the left side: 90 cm)

A second toilet can be reached from the sottocoro inside the Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio, overcoming a double leaf door (85 cm wide) and a short inclined ramp (slope of 9%) and it has these features:

  • dressing with hinged door (80 cm) and suspended washbasin (frontal space 82 cm)
  • bathroom with hinged door (70 cm)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 72 cm, on the right side 50 cm, on the left side 24 cm).