Museo teatrale alla Scala: accessibility

Museo teatrale alla Scala
Largo Antonio Ghiringhelli 1 20121

How to get there by public transport
M1 and M3 (Duomo), bus no. 61, tram no. 1, 2.
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


It is possible to park in Piazza Meda's garage. In Largo Raffaele Mattioli and in Via Hoepli there are two parking spaces reserved for people with permits for citizens with disability. For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


Information for visitors
Ticket is free for people with disability and their companion.Free download on smartphones and tablets of the App containing various itineraries in the Museum. An audio guide, in 7 languages, can be downloaded and it has an itinerary for children. The Museum has a free wi-fi for all visitors.

During the “Museo senza limiti” initiative, 3 Mondays each month (from February to December) guided tours are organized in collaboration with the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation of Milan and with UICI, ENS. These guided tours are leaded by specialized staff for elderly people, people affected by motor/ cognitive disabilities and the hearing impaired.
For information and reservations, please contact:


The Museum is next to the La Scala Theatre. The main entrance has one step (height: 16 cm) and a double leaf door (width: 120 cm). The exhibition hall, on the first and on the second floor, can be reached overcoming thirty-four consecutive steps (step height: 14 cm, handrail on the right).
People with motor disability can use a dedicated entrance (which is generally closed to the public) by overcoming an inclined ramp (slope 5%) and a double leaf door (width: 116 cm). To use it, please contact the box office.


The box office (counter height: 105 cm) is on the ground floor and the bookshop is on the first floor (counter height: 100 cm).


The lift connecting the 2 floors of the museum is closed to the public and to use  it you need to be accompanied by a member of the museum  staff. It has the following characteristics:

  • door width: 85 cm, cabin: 148x140 cm,
  • Lift push buttons panel with embossed Braille printing at a maximum height of 129 cm,
  • acoustic signal for arrival at the floor.


Exhibition itinerary

The exhibition itinerary develops on the first and second floor. On the first floor there are seven exhibition halls: in the first one there are ancient music instruments while in the others there are works of well-known people who contributed to make the theatre famous. The halls are completely accessible.
On the first floor it is also possible to access the boxes of the balcony in the third line of the Theatre by passing through a passage (80 cm wide).
Between the first and the second floor there are 22 steps (step height: 16 cm, handrails on both sides – people with disabilities can take the lift).
The second floor generally has temporary exhibitions and is formed by 5 exhibition halls (parquet floor) with ancient documents and books.
In spring and summer, from the second floor it is possible to access a small terrace from which you can  admire the flytower and the elliptical tower of the theatre's dressing rooms.
The halls of the museum have touchscreen interactive terminals in Italian and English (screen placed at a maximum height of 114 cm.) linked to the museum's app


The accessible restroom has an automatic light, is on the first floor and has the following characteristics:

  • dressing door width: 100 cm
  • bathroom door width: 100 cm
  • Floor standing toilet (clear floor area: in front: 109 cm, on the right side 30 cm, on the left side 100 cm).
  • wall-mounted washbasin (space in front: 157 cm)


Emergency exits
The routes are well marked. There is a visual and acoustic alarm device in two languages.


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