Palazzo Moriggia Museo del Risorgimento: accessibility

Palazzo Moriggia Museo del Risorgimento
Via Borgonuovo, 23 20121

How to get there by public transport
Underground lines M2 (Lanza) and M3 (Montenapoleone), buses 43, 61 and 94 and trams 1, 4, 12 and 14.
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Cars can be parked on the blue lines in Via Fatebenefratelli. There's a parking space reserved for disabled pass holders at Via Borgonuovo 10.
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A wide entrance door (287 cm) leads to the colonnaded courtyard of Palazzo Moriggia.
The Museum of the Risorgimento, on the left-hand side of the courtyard, is reached by a ramp (250 cm long, 10% gradient) and 93 cm wide hinged door.
The museum exit has a 93 cm wide hinged door and ramp (183 cm long, 13% gradient).


The entrance hall, situated on the right-hand side of the courtyard (entrance with 1 x h 15 cm step), contains:

  • the info point (counter heights 104 cm and 86 cm)
  • the ticket office (counter heights 104 cm and 86 cm).

The museum staff can provide information and assistance.


The lift connecting the ground and first floors has the following specifications:

  • door width 51 cm, interior space 60x67 cm
  • internal pushbutton at a height of 100 cm
  • emergency alarm bell at a height of 98 cm
  • no acoustic and visual signal on arrival at the floor.


Exhibition layout
The Museum of the Risorgimento is housed in the 18th century Palazzo Moriggia and contains works of art, curios, paintings, prints, weapons and objects reminiscent of the Napoleonic period, the wars of independence, the Cinque Giornate of Milan and the epic deeds of Garibaldi.
The permanent exhibition on the ground floor is spread over 14 rooms.
Rooms 11 and 12, dedicated to the expedition of the Mille (thousand), contains a tablet (101 cm from ground level) which displays the photographs from the Album dei Mille in digital format.
There are 3 benches along the route (h 45 cm).
The Aquarium and Blue Halls, off the courtyard, are used for temporary exhibitions. The Aquarium, situated on the left-hand side of the courtyard, has a ramp (2.5 metres long, 9% gradient) and a double panelled door (each panel 110 cm wide).
The Blue or former Armeria Hall, on the right-hand side of the courtyard past the ticket office, is reached by a ramp (100 cm long, 10% gradient) and 108 cm wide hinged door.
On the first floor (a door with two 65 cm wide panels) is the archive of the municipal historical collections, a conference room seating 80 (h 44 cm) and a library (a door with two 61 cm wide panels), furnished with 12 square, four-legged tables (space below 60 cm), used to consult books and documents.


Direction signs
There are direction signs in the building with clearly visible characters in large print (at least 7 cm).


Bathroom facilities
The disabled bathroom facilities are situated at the end of the courtyard, around 20 metres from the museum entrance.
The bathroom has the following specifications:

  • anteroom with double panelled door (each panel 70 cm wide)
  • bathroom with 85 cm wide hinged door
  • floor-mounted WC (space in front 106 cm, 26 cm to the right and 110 cm to the left, horizontal handle to the left and handrail)
  • clearly visible toilet symbols at least 7 cm high, situated at eye height. 


Emergency exits
The emergency exits are signposted. A visual and acoustic alarm is installed.




+39 02 8846177


+39 02 88464181


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