Pinacoteca Biblioteca Ambrosiana: accessibility

Pinacoteca Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Piazza Pio XI, 2 20123

How to get there by public transport
Tram no. 1, 2, 3, 12, 14, 16, 27, M1 (Duomo, Cordusio) and M3 (Duomo).
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The square in front of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana is a pedestrian area. On the right side of the museum (Via dell'Ambrosiana) there are two parking spaces reserved for people with permits for citizens with disability. It is possible to park on the blue lines in Via Bocchetto and in Piazza Edison.
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Information for visitors
No entrance fee for people with disabilities and for their companion. For a fee audio guides and video guides with descriptions of the Pinacoteca and the Leonardo da Vinci Codices are available.
In the exhibition rooms there are informative panels, some rooms have a tactile map.


The entrance has heavy swing doors (146 cm) and three steps (20 cm) with a wheelchair lift (platform 89x124 cm).


On the ground floor there is the ticket office-bookshop (counter height 106 cm).


The gallery and library cover 4 floors: basement, ground floor, first and second floors. The lift runs from the basement to the first floor has these features:

  • door 74 cm, cabin 90x100 cm,
  • raised control panel and in Braille at a maximum height of 140 cm,
  • acoustic and visual signal for arrival at the floor.


Exhibition itinerary

Founded in 1607 by the cardinal Federico Borromeo as a library, in 1618 it also became a Pinacoteca (art gallery) with the donation by Federico Borromeo the Ambrosiana of his collection of artworks. A special mention must be done to the codices of Leonardo da Vinci donated to the Ambrosiana by Galeazzo Arconati.
The visit to the Pinacoteca covers the first and second floor; on the first floor there are 16 halls, 9 of them are easily accessible. To reach hall 5, where there is seating and two video stations with information on the Pinacoteca, there are four steps. To reach halls 8 to 12 and hall 20, there is a flight of nine stairs, with a banister on the right and then three more steps.
On the second floor, which can only be accessed by a fine staircase with 28 steps and a banister on the right, there are 7 halls, linked by steps. The tour goes back to the first floor by 3 flights of stairs.
The library, on the ground floor, is accessible and has reading areas with tables (under-table clearance 75 cm) and 35 seats.
The museum tour concludes with the Aula Leonardi, where it is possible to admire the Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci. To reach the hall there are a lot of steps, but wheelchair users can take an alternative route, accompanied by museum personnel.


In the basement there is a restroom equipped for people with disabilities.

Main features:

  • swing door (85 cm),
  • interior 240x180 cm,
  • WC with grab bar on both sides.

To use this restroom ask for a key at the ticket office.






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