How to get there by public transport
Tram: 1, 2, 4, 12, 14, bus: 61, 57; underground: M3 (Montenapoleone stop), M2 (Lanza stop) and M1 lines (Cairoli stop).
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


Parking area
Palazzo Brera, located in a pedestrian area, does not have private parking; people with disabilities can park in the side courtyard (entrance from via Fiori Oscuri 2) by sending an email to: 
You can also find the "Parking Car" Garage (paid garage) in via Brera 3/a.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


Information for visitors
Free entry for people with disabilities and their companions.Two electric wheelchairs are available at the ticket office.
Audio guides are available on request in several languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and German).
The audio guides are also available through the izi.TRAVEL app which can be downloaded on mobile phones or tablets.

At present the museum doesn't have tactile path for blind people. In room 28, the Museum is testing a tactile caption for blind people, with the description of the work of art called “Cristo e la Samaritana” by Annibale Carracci).
The Pinacoteca di Brera, in collaboration with the Associazione Nazionale Subvedenti (Association of visually impaired people) takes part to the DescriVedendo Project, a shared language by visually impaired people and normally sighted people. For more information on the project, please visit:

The Pinacoteca also proposes the project called: “Due passi nei musei di Milano” (Visiting the Museums of Milan), an art therapy path dedicated to people affected by the Alzheimer disease. For more information, please visit:


The main entrance leads to the internal courtyard surrounded by a double loggia. On the left, across the courtyard, you reach the stairway (65 steps - 13 cm high each and handrail on both sides - 84 cm above the ground) that leads to the first floor where the Pinacoteca is.
The entrance has a double leaf door (93 cm wide each).
The courtyard can also be reached from the secondary entrance (via Fiori Oscuri 2) through a slightly uneven path (10 m long - slope of 5%).


On the ground floor you find:

  • a Bookshop (counter height: 109 cm)
  • the Reception (counter height: 110 cm)

On the first floor you find:

  • the ticket office on the left side (counter height: 108 cm)
  • the information office on the right side (counter height: 108 cm)
  • some cabinets placed at different heights

The museum staff is at your disposal for information and tourist reception services.


People with disabilities can use the lift located in the side courtyard, to the left of the staircase; once out of the elevator, you need to pass a fire door (120 cm wide).
The elevator has the following features:

  • door: 90 cm wide; cabin: inner space: 111 x 140 cm
  • Lift push buttons panel with embossed Braille printing at a maximum height of117 cm.
  •  acoustic and visual signal on arrival at a floor
  • emergency bell (98 cm high above the floor).


Exhibition itinerary
The 36 exhibition rooms are large and easily accessible. All the paintings on display have captions (80 cm high above the floor) in Italian and English.
In many rooms there are information sheets and some seats: stools (seat height: 42 cm), sofas (seat height: 43 cm) and wooden chairs from 1800 (seat height: 42 cm).
Room n. 10 has 2 ramps (slope of 4%); in room n. 13, after overcoming a step (10 cm high),  you can have a better view of the works on display in the Chapel of San Giuseppe della Pace; the paintings shown in rooms n. 35 and n. 36 can also be admired without going over the steps (17 cm high each) you find in the rooms. In room n. 28 there is a tactile caption to describe the work by Annibale Caracci (Christ and the Samaritan woman).
Room n. 22 has a tactile caption describing the work of art while room n. 10 has and olfactive caption (incense and myrrh) describing the work of art.


Orientation signage:
In the building, there are directional arrows with high contrast and large lettering (at least 7 cm).


Toilet facilities
The toilet equipped for people with disabilities, located in room no. 8, has the following characteristics:

  • dressing room with double leaf door (74 cm wide each)
  • toilet with hinged door (90 cm wide)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 130 cm, on the right side 20 cm, on the left side 144 cm, vertical handles on both sides and handrail around the entire perimeter of the bathroom)
  • changing table.


The Café (counter height: 118 cm) is located on the first floor, to the left of the main entrance. It has a large room (50 seats), furnished with round or square tables with central leg (free space below: 77 cm) and seats (seat height: 46 cm).


Emergency exits
Emergency routes are well indicated. The building has an acoustic and visual alarm device.




+39 02 72263264 - 02 72263229


+39 02 72001140


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