Tempio Civico di San Sebastiano: accessibility

Tempio Civico di San Sebastiano
via Torino, 28 20121

How to get there by public  transport
Tram 2, 3, 14, 24, 27, M1 and M3 underground lines (Duomo stop).
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit: https://www.atm.it/en/ViaggiaConNoi/Disabili/Pages/ATMperidisabili.aspx


Nearby the church free parking is not allowed. There is a toll parking in via Zecca Vecchia. In piazza Santa Maria Beltrade there are 2 parking spaces for disabled pass holders. In Via delle Asole, about 100 m. away, there is a parking space reserved for disabled pass holders.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit: 


The entrance is in via Torino, where there are 4 steps (13 cm high each), and a hinged door (74 cm wide). Alternatively, people with disabilities can access the church from an entrance on the left of the main one. To enter the church you must pass from a 20 m paved path, overcome a ramp (slope of 20%; length: 90 cm), followed by a double leaf gate (80 cm wide each). The gate is usually closed, so you must use the intercom to get it open (140 cm high from the ground).
Just after the side entrance (140 cm wide in total) you enter the church.


Interior spaces
The church was built in 1576. The external part of the church hosts eight copies of Doric pilasters delimiting arches in correspondence of the internal chapels. The church has a perfectly cylindrical plant and its space can be visited without any obstacle; there are benches and chairs.