How to get there by public transport
M1 and M2 (Cadorna), bus no. 61, tram no. 1, 19. 
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It is possible to park on the blue lines in the immediate vicinity. About 10 meters away from the entrance there are 2 parking spaces reserved for disabled parking permit holders.
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The entrance has a manual double-leaf gate (125 cm each). Two flights of stairs (14 steps,  12 cm each) surmountable with a stair lift with a wheelchair platform leads directly to the mezzanine floor. From here you must overcome two steps (14 cm) or alternatively an inclined ramp (slope of 3%) to reach an area where the ticket office, the lift and the restrooms area.
Only 8 people at a time are allowed to enter the Torre Bianca.


The ticket office (counter height 112 cm) is on the mezzanine floor. 


The lift is on the mezzanine floor and has these features:

  • Door width:  80 cm, cabin: inner space: 135x145 cm
  • raised control panel. 

Only 2 persons at a time are allowed in the lift (+ lift attendant).


Exhibition itinerary
Torre Branca, built in 1933 by the architects Cesare Chiodi and Giò Ponti, is inside Parco Sempione, near the Palazzo dell'Arte. The tower is 108 meters tall and its structure is made of steel tubes and it is a truncated hexagonal pyramid, well known as the Torre del Parco. The modern panoramic lift, running inside the Tower, can only be used in the presence of the personnel. It reaches the top in less than a minute and this viewpoint offers a wonderful panorama of the city of Milano.
The panoramic hexagonal room (160 cm wide) is marble paved and surrounded by windows (126 cm high). The visit lasts 7 minutes.


The  only toilet is on the mezzanine floor and has these features:

  • dressing with hinged door (100 cm wide)
  • bathroom with door (84 cm wide)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear floor area: in front: 185 cm; on the right side 156 cm; on the left side 26 cm; grab bar on both sides).



+39 023314120


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