Chiesa di Santa Maria della Passione: accessibility

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Passione
via Conservatorio, 12 20122

How to get there by public transport
Bus 54, 60, 61, 73, 84, 94; Underground M1 line (San Babila stop).
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


There are 3 parking spaces reserved for disabled parking permit holders at about 20 metres from the entrance. Cars can be parked on the blue lines along via Conservatorio and in the adjacent streets. For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


There is one main entrance and 2 side entrances. The main entrance and the one to the right have 1 step (h 15 cm) and a double leaf door (71 cm wide each). The entrance to the left has a double leaf door (71 cm wide each), a ramp (slope of 3%) and two side hinged doors (82 cm wide each).


Santa Maria della Passione is one of the most beautiful churches of the late Milanese Renaissance. Inside you can find a real art gallery with valuable works of art of the XVI and XVII century of Milan.
The central nave, the aisles and the chapels can be visited without obstacles; in the central nave there are pews with kneelers and some chairs (seat height: 55 cm).
Particularly relevant is the Chapter Room, decorated with a series of paintings by Ambrogio Bergognone. The entrance to the Chapter Room is at the back of the right aisle. To access it you must overcome: a passageway (75 cm wide), a mobile ramp (slope of 12%), a wide corridor, a double leaf door (71 cm wide each); a double leaf glass door (110 cm wide each) and a step (19 cm).
In the Chapter Room there are some chairs (seat height: 55 cm). 


Accessibility for persons with sensory disabilities
An information panel (87 cm from the ground) contains a brief description of the church in Italian and English, and in Braille. In the central part of this panel there is a plan of the building in relief, including a tactile and visual representation of the facade. The QR Code or NFC can be downloaded to smartphones to give access to audio and visual content, with subtitles and translation of the texts into Italian LIS sign language for persons with hearing difficulties. A brief introduction to the history of the building is followed by a description of: the structure, some works of art and the facade of the church.


Next to the church, it is possible to visit the colonnaded cloister, once hosting the monastery of the Canonici Lateranensi.  From 1800,  it hosts the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory.
The cloister can be visited during class time. The entrance is on the right of the parvis. To access the cloister you must overcome an open main door (2,5 m), a threshold (slope of 2,5%) and a passageway (80 cm wide).


The accessible toilet is situated near the chapter house and it has the following specifications:

  • hinged door (68 cm wide)
  • suspended washbasin (space in front 60 cm)
  • floor-mounted toilet (clear space: in front 70 cm, 31 cm to the right and 26 cm to the left).