Getting there by public transport
By tram: 1, 2, 3, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 24, 27; by underground: M1 and M3 lines (Duomo stop); by bus: 54,57, 60, 61.
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Piazza del Duomo is a pedestrian zone, not allowed to cars. It is possible to park in the underground garage of Piazza Diaz or on the blue stripes in the nearby streets; there are also parking spaces reserved for disabled parking permit holders in via Pecorari, Piazza Diaz, Largo Schuster and Piazza Fontana.
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Information for visitors
Free admission for people with disabilities and their companion. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of: the museum, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo (Piazza Duomo 14), the Fast-track ticket office (in front of the museum) or online. (
Visitors can request audio guides. The audio guides have a Braille keyboard.
A manual wheelchair is available on request.
The Museo del Duomo offers blind and partially sighted visitors the opportunity to take advantage of a service of tactile guided tours conducted by specialized operators. More than 20 works have been selected to be explored by touch allowing direct contact with artistic materials and techniques.
Guided tours are organized for deaf people with LIS interpreter and with an art historian.
For information and reservations, please contact: Ufficio servizi educativi tel. 02 89015321


The entrance, located on the left side of the courtyard of Palazzo Reale, has a small inclined ramp (slope of 5%) and a double leaf door (76 cm wide each). It is also possible to use the adjacent hinged door (108 cm wide).


On the ground floor there are:

  • the ticket office (counter height: 112 cm)
  • the wardrobe (counter height: 110 cm).

The museum staff is at your disposal for information and tourist reception services.


Exhibition Itinerary
The exhibition itinerary includes a visit to the museum and the Church of San Gottardo in Corte. The first floor is used for temporary exhibitions. The exhibition, on the ground floor, is divided into 13 thematic areas on a circular path. The tour begins with the Treasure of the Cathedral. In the other rooms there are statues, paintings, tapestries, architectural models, plaster terracotta and some stained glass windows from the cathedral. The exhibition spaces are large, some connections between the various rooms have inclined ramps (maximum length: 5 meters and variable slope from 5% to 9%) and passages (110 cm wide).
About halfway through the exhibition, it is possible to admire a copy of the Madonnina, a faithful reproduction of the original in 1: 1 scale.
The copy is located in the internal courtyard that connects the Museo del Duomo to the church of San Gottardo; to access the courtyard it is necessary to go through a hinged door (100 cm wide). In the exhibition rooms there are some seats (seat height: 47 cm). Please note that several rooms have soft lighting.


The lift is used to access the first floor, where temporary exhibitions are set up. It is located at the end of the exhibition itinerary and has the following characteristics:

  • door width: 75 cm, cabin interior space: 94x126 cm
  • Lift level buttons panel with embossed Braille printing
  • visual signal of arrival at the floor.


Toilet facilities
The toilet facilities equipped for people with disabilities are located at the end of the exhibition itinerary and can be reached from the Sala dei Bozzetti by overcoming two inclined ramps (slope of 7%) and have the following characteristics:

  • toilet door (79 cm wide)
  • suspended toilet (clear floor area: in front 127 cm, on the right side 23 cm, on the left side 110 cm, horizontal handle on the left side and handrail along the perimeter)
  • high contrast symbols indicating toilet facilities, positioned at eye level, using medium to large size letters.


Safety exits
Emergency routes are well indicated. The building has an acoustic and visual alarm device.


Church of San Gottardo in Corte
The Church of San Gottardo in Corte is included in the museum tour itinerary. The internal passage from the museum to the church includes (starting from the church courtyard): a step (23 cm), a hinged door (100 cm wide) followed by 9 steps (16 cm) with handrail on the left side.
After a short flat path, 2 steps (16 cm) and a double leaf door (90 cm wide each) lead to the church.
People with physical disabilities can access the church from the entrance in via Pecorari. To reach via Pecorari, it is necessary to exit from Palazzo Reale, continue along via Carlo Maria Martini at the intersection on the right continue along via Palazzo Reale until the intersection with via Pecorari.
The entrance located in via Pecorari has a hinged door (110 cm) always open during visiting hours, followed by a double leaf door (102 cm wide each).
Inside, the church consists of a single nave accessible without obstacles. At the back of the church on the counter-façade wall, overcoming 2 steps (18 cm), you can admire a fourteenth-century fresco of the Crucifixion, by the Giotto school.





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