Museo di Storia Naturale: accessibility

Museo di Storia Naturale
Corso Venezia, 55 20122

How to get there by public transport
By underground: M1 line (Palestro stop). For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


Cars can be parked along the blue lines in the nearby streets. There are 2 parking spaces for disabled parking permit holders in via Palestro.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


Information for visitors
Entrance for disabled people and their companion is free of charge. There are 2 manual wheelchairs available on request at the ticket office.


The museum is in the Indro Montanelli public gardens. The pathways in the garden are in compact gravel and have become uneven due to the roots of trees. The entrance at Corso Venezia 55 has 3 steps (h 15 cm). We recommend using the broad access gate to the park in Via Palestro, around 100 m further on.
The main entrance to the museum is around 150 m from the gate. The entrance has 12 consecutive steps (h 16 cm) and a stair lift with wheelchair platform, followed by another step (h 13 cm), an inclined ramp (slope of 4%) and two manual hinged doors (188 cm).


The ticket office is on the ground floor (counter height 110 cm).


The museum is on three floors. The first floor is served by a lift with the following characteristics:

  • Door width: 110 cm, cabin: internal space 202x202 cm
  • Lift push buttons panel with embossed Braille printing
  • acoustic and visual floor signals on arrival.


Exhibition layout
The Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, founded in 1838, is one of the most important of its kind in Europe. It currently has 23 exhibition halls, located on two floors. It also houses the largest display of dioramas in Italy. On the ground floor there are 11 spacious, easily accessible exhibition halls. Hall 7 has 4 dinosaur models with illuminated information panels at a height of 55 cm.
On the first floor, there are the main hall  and 12 rooms , mostly dedicated to zoology and to the main natural environments.
The entrance has a double-leaf door (100 cm wide each). The main hall has 98 seats (seat height: 43 cm) and the speaker's stage has a step (20 cm) that can be overcome by an inclined ramp (slope of 7% - 146 cm long).
The 12 rooms have marble floor surface and display cases are at variable heights. The bookshop, on the ground floor, can be reached via a short, inclined ramp.
To reach Room 23, where the Italian dioramas are displayed,  you must overcome 23 steps (h 16 cm) with central handrail.


Toilet facilities
The disabled toilet, located on floor -1, has the following characteristics:

  • dressing room with door (90 cm wide) and wall-mounted washbasin (space in front: 99 cm)
  • toilet with door (90 cm wide)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 79 cm; to the right side: 52 cm; to the left side: 88 cm; horizontal handles to the left)
  • baby changing table. 

To reach floor -1 you can use a lift (assistance from museum staff necessary) with the following dimensions:

  • door width: 90 cm, cabin internal space 142x151 cm
  • Lift push buttons panel with embossed Braille printing
  • acoustic and visual floor signals on arrival.


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