Orto botanico di Brera: accessibility

Orto botanico di Brera
Via Brera, 28 20121

How to get there by public transport
Underground lines M2 (Lanza) and M3 (Montenapoleone), trams 1, 2, 4, 12, 14 and 27 and buses 61 and 94.
For more information on ATM public transport, please visit: https://www.atm.it/en/ViaggiaConNoi/Disabili/Pages/ATMperidisabili.aspx


Brera Botanic Garden is situated in a pedestrian zone. Cars can be parked on the blue lines along Via Fatebenefratelli and Via San Marco.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit: https://www.comune.milano.it/aree-tematiche/mobilita/servizi-per-le-disabilita


A broad gate (more than 5 metres) leads from Via Fiori Oscuri 4 to the inner courtyard with loose gravel surface. 100 metres further on, a second gate (260 cm wide) leads to the start of the exhibition layout. Alternatively, the Via Fratelli Gabba 10 entrance has a gate (113 cm wide), an inclined ramp (6 m long, 117 cm wide, 6% gradient) and a soil (3 cm).


Exhibition layout
The historic garden inside Palazzo Brera consists of three sectors: two elliptic beds containing plants, flowers and medicinal herbs and an arboretum with centuries old trees. Each species has an identity tag containing the scientific name, family and place of origin (in Italian and English, at varying heights from 50 cm to 80 cm). All the pathways are more than 140 cm wide with a compact gravel surface. Access to the teaching room is by a soil (3 cm) and two adjacent double paneled doors (each panel is 113 cm wide). The room is furnished with rectangular tables with four legs (67 cm space below) and 10 chairs (h 41 cm). There are chairs along the perimeter of the botanic garden (at varying heights from 41 cm to 50 cm).


Direction signs

The internal direction signs can be read by the visually impaired (characters over 7 cm in size contrasting with the background colour). A vertical panel (90 cm from ground level) with tactile map in relief shows the layout of the botanic garden. The innovative technology used means that the visually impaired are able to follow the route within the garden unassisted. A special aerial pole detects the signals from the microchips installed under the ground and sends them to the earpiece of a mobile phone, to supply information on the botanical heritage of the garden in Italian, English and French.


Bathroom facilities
The disabled bathroom is situated to the right of the teaching room, and has the following specifications:

  • bathroom with 88 cm wide hinged door
  • suspended wash basis (space in front 140 cm)
  • floor mounted WC (space in front 149 cm, 116 cm to the right and 22 cm to the left, horizontal handle on the right and handrail on the left)
  • simple toilet symbols at least 7 cm high, in relief, in contrast with the door color, situated at eye height.


Emergency exits
The emergency exists are signposted. An acoustic alarm is installed.





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+39 02 50314686


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