Urban mobility with zero emissions

All you need to know about sharing mobility

You can move around Milan by taking advantage of the numerous mobility sharing services which will get you from one part of the city to another and give you the opportunity to discover the city’s wonderful secrets in a sustainable way.


There is a continuum of choices… do you love exploring the small streets around the city centre? Then opt for an electric scooter. If, on the other hand, you’re a cycling enthusiast, you can get buzzing around the vast network of paths and cycle lanes, maybe also with the added advantage of a pedal-assist option.

Or are you always in a hurry and want to zig-zag through the city streets as quickly as possible? Just choose a scooter.

Or, maybe you’re in the mood for a more relaxing visual tour? Then just hop onto one of Milan’s wonderful trams: share a wooden bench seat on one of the early-1900 carriages with their yellow/cream livery or step smartly aboard one of the slinky ultra-modern green trams.

For getting around in a group you’ll probably need a car, so one of the car-sharing services is your best bet, an excellent and efficient back-up that enables you to drive around the city without the expense and hassle of owning a personal vehicle.


Sustainable mobility in the city is the way forward; it is a fluid service that we can tap into when we want to and it reconciles travel needs with a reduction in traffic congestion with air and noise pollution.


Check out all the services operating in the city.