Celebrating Milano's deep connection with design

The new YesMilano campaign,

celebrating Milano's deep connection with design,

will dress the city during the Milano Design Week



Milano is getting ready to welcome design lovers, design professionals and curious tourists for the Milano Design Week with Milano Home of Design, the new campaign about to be launched by YesMilano, the Milano&Partners brand dedicated to promoting the city. The communication strategy focuses on how design – considered in its broadest sense – has come to characterize the identity of the Lombard capital.


"This campaign was born with the desire to underline how Milano is the “home of design”, certainly during the Design Week, but not only then", says Luca Martinazzoli, General Manager of Milano&Partners: "Thanks to the contribution of generations of designers, design has come to permeate the city diffusively, shaping over time the typically Milanese lifestyle which one can live throughout the year".


The images starring in this story were taken by the young photographer Eric Scaggiante (born in year 2000), and celebrate the most representative design icons of the city, such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele designed by Giuseppe Mengoni; the typical Milanese risotto with ossobuco served in the city’s trattorias; the Milanese subway handrail designed by Albini-Helg; the “Bicchierone del Bar Basso” (Bar Basso’s big glass) created in the late 1960s by the barman Mirko Stocchetto, the inventor of the legendary Negroni Sbagliato cocktail, and the Bernocchi  chapel by architect Alessandro Minali and sculptor Giannino Castiglioni Monumental Cemetery. All essential elements in the imagery evoked by the city of Milano.


The campaign is signed by Wunderman Thompson, an agency of the WPP group. Lorenzo Crespi, Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson, comments: “The city's design heritage is immense. Sometimes it's impossible to ignore, sometimes it's hidden in plain sight, as is the case with metro handrails. It was nice to be able to celebrate it in this campaign with lightness, irony and even a touch of Milanese pride".


Milano Home of Design will land in the city on April 12, on the eve of the start of the Milano Design Week, with multi-subject billboards on the main audiovisual communication circuits with +300 digital screens and 500 posters throughout the city.


The campaign will also be featured on Instagram, guiding users to the website, where an online guide to Milano Design Week will be made available. Furthermore, a series of neighborhood itineraries will be presented in order for visitors to discover the most significant design initiatives in terms of circularity, sustainability and inclusiveness, the priorities of the 2023 edition chosen by the Municipality of Milano in the construction of the Milano Design Week’s program. Visitors to the website will also find all the infomation on the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile at Rho Fiera, Milano’s International Furniture Fair.


“Milano Design Week finally returns in April, building inside and outside the Salone del Mobile an always effervescent and constantly evolving program rich with events, exhibitions and installations. The offer makes Milano the true "home of design", combining initiatives coming from the various districts that will animate the city", explains Alessia Cappello, City Deputy for Employment and Economic Development with responsibility for Fashion and Design. “It will be again a big celebration for the whole of Milano, and not just for the city center. Our goal is to increasingly expand and spread the spirit of design throughout the city".


In line with the increasingly strong public vocation of Milano Design Week, this year the Municipality brings together design projects and initiatives of public interest with a busy calendar of free events enlivening new districts of the city, as well as those historically under the spotlight of the Milano Design Week – Brera, Durini, Isola, Statale, Tortona and 5Vie – by creating itineraries, initiatives and installations that will also involve neighborhoods far from the city centre. More than 150 industry operators have responded to the invitation coming from the Municipality to organize public events, with new design protagonists and major comebacks staging their presence.


“The Salone del Mobile and the Milano Design Week represent a strategic appointment for Milano, which reaffirms its international positioning as an attractive and innovative city, through an economic value chain that is fundamental for the economy of our city and for Made in Italy in general. With the "Milano home of design" city promotion campaign created by Milano&Partners, we intend to enhance the city and its districts, by narrating them through icons of the city’s cultural heritage that have contributed to shape the image of Milano across the world, that of an open and dynamic urban community which is the home to design every day, by pursuing innovation and sustainability, supporting research and promoting creativity and the expression of young talents,” concludes Elena Vasco, Secretary General of the Milano Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce.



Milano&Partners is the official promotion agency of the City of Milano created by the Municipality of Milan and the Milano Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce to catalyze the energy of the city and strengthen its positioning as a sustainable destination for international tourism, foreign direct investment, higher education, and welcome the best international talents and start-ups through the use of the YesMilano brand and the development of communication campaigns and special marketing initiatives in partnership with the city's institutional stakeholders, companies and business organizations.


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