Many international companies have their branches located in Milano. The city gives a great emphasis on the digital, banking and finance industry and hosts world-renowned service firms like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Amazon and JP Morgan. Being famous for its fashion and design industry, Milano is headquarter of brands as Versace, Armani, Gucci also offer good opportunities for fashion (business) lovers.

Here you will find the highest salary opportunities in the country, with a relative low cost of living if compared to other major European cities as Paris or London. More information regarding the cost of living is available on Numbeo

5 Tips for Job Seekers in Milano

Contact your home country’s foreign chamber of commerce and ask if they can provide a business directory of their members in the Milano area.

Contact headhunting firms in the Milano province (see a full database here) and introduce yourself.

Visit our page (Work in progress) dedicated to job offers for expats.

Networking and word of mouth: personal relations in Italy matter a lot. Try to have at least a coffee a day with friends or acquaintances who can inspire you on your job search.

Life as a dependant is not fitting your career aspirations? Consider becoming your own employer in Milano. Refer to the Milan Chamber of Commerce and get assistance on opening your new business.