587,717 arrivals in April. In April 2019 there had been 594,269 incoming tourists; compared to 2021, there is a 500% increase.

Milano, 11 May 2022 - With 587,717 arrivals registered in April, Milano tourism returns to pre-Covid levels: in April 2019, the central Milanese office of the State Police had recorded 594,269 entries into the municipal area.

These numbers the result of the inexorable growth of tourism over the last twelve months, posting an increase of over 500% with respect to April 2021, when arrivals were nearly 100,000 (95,004 to be precise).

And the same holds for the Greater Milano Metro Area (Metropolitan City of Milano and Province of Monza and Brianza): in April the Milano area received 789,000 arrivals, compared to 178,295 in April 2021, and 878,602 in April 2019.

This also occurred thanks to a widespread marketing effort in 2021 by the YesMilano brand (a project of Milano&Partners, the official promotion agency of the city of Milan, supported by the Municipality of Milano and the Milano Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce), working towards the objective of relaunching territorial attractiveness, not only through images of iconic places, but especially by encouraging the discovery of the diverse neighborhoods that express the identity and soul of Milano.

The city is set to host major events for the remainder of the spring, which will continue to sustain the arrival of visitors and include PianoCity, the Design Week, and important international congresses and conventions.