A chat with Shane Eaton

Physics researcher by day, food and mixology blogger by night

In the evening, he sits at the counters of the coolest bars of the city; instead, during the day, he stays at the desks of the Politecnico. Shane Eaton is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: with his blog and Instagram page, called “Questa Mia Milano”, he tells his gastronomic and mixological experience in town; on the other side he is a Physics researcher. Shane Eaton is one of the well known food bloggers in Milano, who decided to move here from Canada.

His story seems to be a plot of a Malamud book: his Italian uncle opens a restaurant in Canada, he eats pasta with gorgonzola and falls in love with it. He sees Milano from afar, notices the multicultural potential and gets passionate about one of the two football teams in the city - the blue and black one. With one hand he tastes all the dishes of the most famous cuisines in the world, with the other he studies Physics. And for the last ten years Milano has been his home.

We asked ourselves some details about his Milanese life. Here's what he told us


When did you arrive in Milano?

10 years ago.



How is your life in Milano?

When I first arrived in Milano I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Physics at Politecnico di Milano. Two years ago, I won a permanent researcher position, which means I direct my own research group. We're currently studying the laser fabrication of next generation quantum computers and ultrasensitive field detectors inside of synthetic diamond.



How and when did you start your path as a gourmet influencer?

I was actually a very picky eater growing up in Vancouver, because Canadian food generally is not good. Thankfully my uncle Dino Paladino from Torre del Greco came into the picture when I was about 10 years old, marrying my Aunt Laura. Zio Dino opened an Italian restaurant in Little Italy and I tried for the first time, really good food. Although Dino was from Naples, he made me a dish of pasta with Gorgonzola. It was so tasty that I immediately wanted to learn more about Italy, from the food, to arts, to sports. I even became a big fan of Inter Milano, even though I was thousands of miles away from the San Siro.

However it was really in Toronto that I started to become a foodie thanks to a very multicultural research group, who brought me out for lunch every day. As we don't have strong culinary traditions in Canada, we focused on exotic cuisines, especially Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Korean and Japanese. Thanks to the job offer after my PhD, I was able to finally come to a city that I always dreamed of living in because it was home to both Inter Milano and gorgonzola cheese.



How is your blog “Questa Mia Milano” has been published online?

My first experiences were at Al Pont de Ferr and MAG. Thus I started a blog called ”Questa Mia Milano”, where I could recommend to others, perhaps even those just moving to the city, great food, drink and life experiences in the city. Now, even Italians trust my food and drink reviews. Yesterday I was amazed when my friend from Naples asked me where to eat the best pizza in town!



What are your favourite bars and restaurants in Milano?

For Naples-style pizza, Giolina and Da Zero. For a beer or burger, Lambiczoon. For a wine, Cantine Isola. For risotto, Taglio. For pasta, Osteria del Treno. For a higher end culinary experience, Contraste or L'Alchimia. For specialty coffee prepared by espresso or pourover methods, Orsonero. For a cocktail, 1930, Ceresio, Octavius, Officina, Mandarin, Camparino, Nottingham Forest, Talea or Iter.



How is your Social Network experience inspired by the city you live in?

The blog will always be about sharing inspirational places. Nobody can buy my reviews. I want my followers to trust me and there's no better joy as a blogger when someone thanks you for suggesting a place.



Where do you go for breakfast?

I don't wake up early enough for breakfast. However, if I did, I would go to Orsonero for coffee, and Voce for the best cornetto in town.



Your favourite park in town?

Giardini Pubblici. I've had many happy memories there, including

picnics with my daughter Fiona.



Your inspirational district in town?

Porta Venezia, the true heart of Milano, and the gateway to my beloved Milano East, where I've worked for over 10 years.