At the heart of one of the two biggest manufacturing regions of Europe, Milano is where most of the local and multinational companies carry out their businesses. The economic landscape is composed of 83.503 manufacturing companies, meaning the 10 % of the companies present in Lombardy, hiring more than 1 mln employees (26 % of Lombard employment) and generating € 265 bln revenues each year, namely the 29 % of the country’s total.


Given such a framework, if on the one hand the city’s economy thrives, on the other the pollution indicators might suffer a significant exposure to industrialization and internationalization consequences.

This is the reason why the municipality is working on urban plans to abate or mitigate the climate impact of the businesses and transport, paving the way for numerous opportunities for startups and companies, which can really take advantage of these conditions by offering new products and services.

AFIL - Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia

AFIL, the Smart Factory Association Lombardy, is the result of a process, led by the Lombardy Region, aimed at the creation of a network of clusters that, on thematic areas considered priorities at the national and international level, implement an integrated and sustainable system of infrastructures, skills and methodologies to support research and innovation. The objective assigned to AFIL is to promote and facilitate research and innovation on enabling technologies and practices for the manufacturing sector to support and develop the leadership and competitiveness of Lombard manufacturing, through:


  • Creating a stable community by linking companies, universities, research organizations and associations, fostering their collaboration by promoting research and innovation projects and initiatives.
  • The being a reference entity of the Region for the definition of research and innovation strategies in the manufacturing sector.
  • Supporting the development of an extra-regional Research and Innovation network through participation in the National Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente - CFI and linking with other European regions within the framework of Smart Specialization strategies.


Forestami is the project promoted by the City of Milan, together with other major territorial public bodies, to plant 3 mln trees by 2030 with the aim to grow natural capital, clean the air, improve life in greater Milan and counter the effects of climate change. This was undertaken by establishing a fund to collect resources from businesses and citizens to be allocated to forestation in the metropolitan area.