The Italian government has been pursuing a path to bolster companies and entrepreneurship, especially innovative one, for some years through a series of supporting measures. In addition to countless business incentives, there are ad hoc measures to help companies and small businesses’ transition towards digitalisation and innovation.  


Here are the most significant measures currently in place.


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Digital Transformation 

The incentive supports the digital transformation of SMEs’ production systems by financing the adoption of technologies consistent with the Industry 4.0 plan.  

Solutions that can be financed include: 

  • advanced manufacturing solutions 

  • augmented reality 

  •  cloud 

  • cybersecurity 

  • big data and analytics 

  • technologies related to digital supply chain solutions  

Benefits are granted on the basis of a nominal percentage of eligible costs and expenses of 50% (10 % in the form of a contribution, 40 % in the form of subsidized financing). 

Tax Credit on training 4.0

40% tax credit on the cost of personnel employed in training courses for the acquisition and consolidation of skills in “4.0” fields

Tax Credit for Research and Development, Technological Innovation, Design and Aesthetic Conception

Measure aimed at fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development in the scientific and technological field.  

The tax credit is recognized in an amount equal to 20% of the relative base of calculation, taken net of other grants or contributions received for any reason for the same eligible expenses, up to a maximum annual limit of € 4 million

Patents +

The incentive supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the purchase of specialized services related to patents.  

Eligible expenses include:  

  • industrialization and engineering (feasibility study, planning, prototypes, etc.) 

  • organization and development 

  • technological transfer (proof of concept, due diligence, NDA, etc.).  

The aid provides a grant of maximum € 140,000 up to 80% of the eligible costs

Voucher connectivity

Benefit for businesses and freelancers consisting of a discount on the bill for high-performance connectivity provided by operators with qualified offers.  

The voucher will cover part of the contract costs (including activation costs and connectivity fees), being able to reach up to 50% of the total cost for 18 months or 24 months, depending on the voucher used. 

(New) Sabatini Law 2021

The measure subsidized investments in Instrumental Assets by micro and SMEs and is designed to support the purchase (or leasing) of machinery, equipment, plants, capital goods for productive use and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies. Government subsidy plus a public contribution equal to the interests on the loan stipulated with the bank, up to an annual rate of 2.75% for ordinary investments and 3.575% for investments in digital technologies.  

Coverage up to 100% of the total, <5 years duration for an amount between €20,000 and €4 million

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