Hanna's portrait

Hanna Nyzhnyk

from Kiyv

My Milano is Versatile

Hanna is a Marketing student from Kyiv, Ukraine. Innamorata with the symphony of bustling Milano, she feels to finally have found the city she belongs to, the community she can contribute to, and the best place for a culinary pilgrimage ever.

Ming Li portrait

Ming Li

A Courageous Lady from Beijing, China

My Milano is Nourishing

A courageous lady who decided to abandon her well-established White Collar life from Beijing, Ming Li came alone to explore her life in Italy at the age of 30, not knowing the Italian language yet. After living 5 years in Rome and 5 years in Milano, eventually, she decides to settle down in Milano. As of today, she works in, a school of design founded by renowned Politecnico di Milano.

Barbara Ph: Karolina Stursova

Barbora Gemmelova

from Slovakia

My Milano is a sociable city with a human dimension

Barbora is a language tutor and expats' counsellor based in Milano since 2013. Initially, she chose the city because of her academic career, but soon after discovered its spirit and fell in love with its style. She loves strolling around the city, vising exhibitions and flicking through books in the local bookshops. She runs her blog '' where writes about an expat's life.

Yasmine's portrait

Yasmine Bouhafa

from Tunisia

My Milano is Surprising

Yasmine is from Tunis. She's a one-of a kind girl. She choose Milano for her academic career and ended up choosing Milano as her home. She loves to mingle with the locals and to discover the city's coolness. 

Florent portrait

Florent Chauvin

from France

My Milano is Dynamic

Florent is an engineer from Lyon, France. Descending from an all-engineers family. As many engineers, he is very practical, but he's got a romantic side as well. He has studied Italian since he was 11, with only one goal: to come and study in Milano. Politecnico, ça va sans dire!