Patronato & CAF Services and how to use them

Help for immigration and work issues, Tax and fiscal support

Patronato is a service provided by the biggest workers' unions and associations to help people with laborai and immigration paperwork with a mandate, training, and funding by the State.

Most of their services are State-subsided and free, some require a contribution or membership.

 The activities of the Patronato consist of information, assistance, advice, and protection of employees and self-employed workers, retirees, Italian citizens, foreigners, and stateless persons on the Italian territory.

The activity of this institute is aimed at obtaining benefits in the field of social security, work issues, and immigration.

The CAAF or CAF, Centro Assistenza Fiscale / Tax Assistance Centres,  are offices where you can ask for help with tax issues.

The caf is responsible for the tax protection of taxpayers, with some free, State subsided services and some paid. 

Being highly controlled and regulated, citizens can rely on their services to obtain assistance and information on tax benefits and tax obligations.

Citizens who apply to CAF usually do so for tax returns or ISEE and RED (the tax return required of pensioners).

The CAF allows citizens to pass the responsibility of the correct compilation to the RAF (Representative of Fiscal Assistance), which takes charge of verifying and correctly transmitting the models.

Patronato INCA CGIL di Milano

Corso di P.ta Vittoria n°43

Patronato INCA CGIL of Milano assists all citizens who must submit applications for benefits related to the social security system in our country.

Patronato INCA provides information and advanced advice to all workers who need to verify the social insurance position; deals with the protection and defends the rights of workers injured at work or acquiring occupational diseases; assists citizens in obtaining care benefits linked to both a disabling status and lack of income;

also provides advice for migrant citizens by offering the services of:

  • Residence permit renewal and update
  • Residence permit for long-term
  • Residence issue and update
  • Family reunification for Non-EU-Citizens
  • Family reunification for EU-Citizens 
  • Italian language test enrolment
  • Counseling on the application for Italian Citizenship
  • Immigration-related form

Send an e-mail inquiry for an appointment at - provide details about your situation + name, surname, tax code, and home address.


Corso di P.ta Vittoria n°43

This service provides assistance in the following fiscal paperwork:

  • 730 REDDITI (EX UNICO) Tax return
  • ISEE the economic status index (Please note that  ISEE Parificato, for international students not resident in Italy, can be requested only if your University/Academy has signed a specific agreement with CGIL CAAF: double check with your University)
  • PARTITE IVA VAT holders fiscal paperwork
  • COLF & BADANTI House workers fiscal paperwork
  • IMU Taxation on buildings
  • ASSEGNO UNICO Social security 

Contact CAAF via e-mail or book an appointment online

CGIL CAAF sent us a list of services and prices attached to this paragraph.

CGIL union members may be entitled to a discount