The September 2022 edition of the Fashion Concept Trade Show

Tortona 27 | Superstudio Tortona 54 | MUDEC, Museo Delle Culture in via Tortona 56, Padiglione Visconti in via Tortona 58

Once again, the Fashion Concept Trade Show WHITE will play a leading role in the upcoming Fashion Week set within the Tortona Fashion District.

From September 22nd to 25th, 2022 the event returns to Milan with the presentation of numerous special projects, niche brands from around the globe and artistic exhibits.




The new format spread across the Salone’s five locations

A selection of 400 brands are presented across 5 locations: Tortona 27 (Superstudio Più), Tortona 54 (Ex Ansaldo), Tortona 15 (Magna Pars Hotel), Tortona 31 (Archiproducts) and Tortona 58 (Padiglione Visconti).

For its first edition, ExpoWhite presents designers and brands originating from countries that are not conventionally associated with the fashion scene, revealing the potential of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Holland and South Africa.

From any location around the globe, interested buyers can simply scan the QR code corresponding to a selected brand to access a customised profile. They can then view the product linesheets, interact with the collections and proceed directly with the purchase. The event features eight main categories: concept, evening, ready to wear, casual, resort, bags, menswear and jewellery.


The Ex-Ansaldo premises, in via Tortona 54, oozes warmth and seductiveness with a setting portraying a typical Middle Eastern Souk.

 A stunning platform to showcase a selection of niche brands with a strong artisan heritage: Ibeliv - Asami Studio – Mayroway - Stma Stefania Marra - Daria Pacelli – Spektre - Karima One of a Kind - Noa Schali - Tarea Studio - Aethernal.


The iconic Superstudio Più, in via Tortona 27, features a show within the show - a section dedicated to directional footwear with a discernible designer edge: Sam Reychler - Pleiades - Bettina Vermillon - Duca d'Ascalona - Kat Maconie and The Saddler are just some of the leading brands in this exclusive showcase that combines traditional quality craftsmanship with innovative style.

WSM - White Sustainability Milan

“Unveiling the Fashion Backstage”

Following last February’s debut of WSM - White Sustainable Milano, at the PADIGLIONE VISCONTI in via Tortona 58, the event’s narrative path has grown in terms of exhibitors and thematic areas.

The White campaign theme is the value of absolute beauty that equates progressive fashion with animals, the first examples of pure beauty on our planet.

Its subtitle “Unveiling the Fashion Backstage” indicates its mission to promote the production chain related to materials, technologies, zero waste production, customization plus printing and dyeing treatments that are increasingly less impactful on the environment.

The Circular Stage, a platform for the extensive schedule of talks and workshops, will host discussion panels and important training and educational opportunities. The international protagonists of the technological and digital transition, moderated by Federico Ferrazza director of Wired Italia and his editorial staff, will discuss key issues such as digital passports, greenwashing, innovative materials and technologies, regenerative agriculture and the new frontiers of retail.

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