The February 2022 edition of the Fashion Concept Trade Show

Tortona 27 | Superstudio Tortona 54 | MUDEC, Museo Delle Culture in via Tortona 56, Padiglione Visconti in via Tortona 58

Once again, the fashion concept trade show WHITE will play a leading role in the upcoming Fashion Week with new communication systems and platforms that connect creatives and international market operators; the exhibition operates in collaboration with CNMI (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) and CSM (Camera Showroom Milan) to create a fashion system for the promotion of Made in Italy and for Milan’s global reputation.


For February 2022, WHITE presents WSM - WHITE Sustainable Milano, the first networking and visibility platform for collective responsible innovation and sustainability to be held during Fashion Week.



Four Milanese locations for an immersive experience

The iconic Superstudio Più, in via Tortona 27, takes on a new dimension to encompass a creative project characterized by different spatial concepts dedicated to multiple product categories.

WHITE Circle Room marks the return to a concept of essentialness, combined with experimentation, where fashion and design invent a new dialogue to entice visitors into a mysterious and astonishing space where brands stage an entirely innovative and exciting ‘upside-down’ vision of fashion. An immersive experience where the visitor embarks upon a physical and cognitive circular journey into the new trends.

WHITE | Sign of the Times presents White Cube, the first ‘salon within the salon’ dedicated to contemporary footwear with a strong design connotation that, for the first time ever, juxtaposes with a unique vintage shoe collection from the Pietro Bertolini International Footwear Museum in Vigevano. Prestigious heritage brands such as The Saddler, Sebastian, Coliac by Martina Grasselli and Thomas Newman are just some of the names on show in the postmodern minimalist layout, a prized legacy of unique footwear styles, collected by Knight of Labour Bertolini since 1930, thanks to significant international donations and acquisitions.


Even the Base ex Ansaldo venue, in via Tortona 54, adopts a new look for the occasion. A play of lights, mirrors and a stark black&white atmosphere contrast with the warmth and seductiveness of a backdrop portraying a typical Middle Eastern Souk. A stunning platform to showcase niche, innovative fashion collections alongside accessories, lifestyle and beauty brands.


MUDEC Museum of Cultures, in via Tortona 56, is an important new addition to the WHITE salone format which gains these outstanding exhibition spaces that merge with culture and art.

In sync with the museum's mission, dedicated to showcasing interdisciplinary research on world cultures - vital for interpreting contemporaneity and the vision of the future - WHITE hosts a selection of next-generation international brands (over two levels at the Innovation Center and the Auditorium), that are highly creative and have the ability to intercept new ‘community-driven’ trends.


The Visconti Pavilion also becomes part of this edition’s WHITE format, hosting WSM WHITE Sustainable Milan in its 1200 m2 multifunctional space in via Tortona 58. The sustainability and technological innovation project becomes an integral part of the trade show and is evolving into the first event entirely focused on fashion’s creative and production chain, fronting a genuine ecological and digital transition.

Upside Down - the WHITE campaign

Research, change and circularity

WHITE's photo and video campaign features three young and gifted Italian females, testimonials of free thinking and culture.

Laura Marzadori, first violinist at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, Letizia Masini, a talented young ballerina at the Teatro alla Scala, and Gala Martinucci, an up-and-coming name in Italian cinema and fashion.

Upside Down focuses on the new generations and their views, their courageous ability to overturn style codes that no longer meet new needs; they change the rules to create a new, different, fairer and more sustainable world.

WSM - White Sustainability Milan

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips but what do we know about concrete innovations in the fashion sector’s creative and production chain that lead companies to implement effective digital transformation and ecological transition?

The next edition of WSM, in via Tortona from February 24th to 27th, investigates the issue and encourages professionals and the entire public at White to become part of the transformation.


Brands, materials, hi-tech procedures and state-of-the-art multimedia installations present the best of the avant-garde in terms of innovation and responsible production. A schedule of talks and workshops with a high in-formative content, also open to schools and interested end users, will delve into the protagonists' stories. Indeed, a complex supply chain lies behind each and every item of clothing that we see on display, and it is in this long value chain that innovative technological revolutions are underway with the potential to reduce the environmental impact of the entire sector.

The whole story will be narrated to us by Unveiling the fashion backstage, the docu-event with a multisensory narrative that gives a voice to behind-the-scenes operators in the industry whose incredibly important role is often taken for granted. Created by White in collaboration with Giusy Bettoni, CEO of C.L.A.S.S. and Marco Poli, CEO of The Style Lift.

The Institute of Positive Fashion, a body of the British Fashion Council urges the system to align itself with the UN sustainability goals, an ambitious commitment to reduce climate and societal impact that supports the industry in that paradigm shift that now focuses on the three pillars of planet, people and communities.

The positive impact stories of supply chains and brands that IPF selected for the GREAT Fashion for Climate Action showcase at the latest Cop 26 in Glasgow will be on display at WSM. Amongst others: Ahluwalia, Anya Hindmarch, Burberry, Christopher Raeburn, Helen Kirkum and Stella McCartney.


There can be no evolution without culture and Changing Room is the installation created by B.E.S.T. Città dell'Arte with CTRLZAK  is a suspended dressing room with curtains made of real clothes and narrative labels that will invite us to reflect on the need for greater awareness.


To react appropriately, it is necessary to reduce, but also rethink, the relationship that industry and the individual consumer have with their clothes. And with their own habits.


But can we really imagine the near future? NSS Magazine does this by inviting the public to enter a meta-experience, through the Oculus virtual reality headset, where play and creativity are the basis of a parallel reality. The Metaverse, NFTs and gamification have become more than just keywords and we need to leverage the business benefits. Talking, discussing, opening up and embracing are, therefore, the fundamental principles of an industry that, until now, has never been confronted with digital acceleration and the need to be more efficient and less impactful.

To this end the White Circle Room section will host talks, workshops and educational presentations with experts and visionaries of the new. Every day, from Thursday to Sunday, an immersive experience of ideas, consultations, challenges, testimonies and paths synergies and strategies takes the visitors on a circular journey, both physical and cognitive.

Download the programme of talks and workshops.