Spatial Toolkit - Art Fairs, Museums and Galleries

Autore: Tom Postma Design - AMSTERDAM (NL)

The project arises from the new needs for social distancing which have become necessary due to the spread of “COVID-19”.

It is aimed, in particular, at three areas highly attractive: Art Fairs, Museums and Galleries.

It develops by focusing on three main directives:

1) organization and distribution of spaces; 2) "signage" devices and equipment ; 3) safety and distance devices.

This Project is structured in 3 documents which include a summary of the strategies and useful tools to start a conversation through the realization of practical and aesthetically pleasing interventions for the reorganization of space and premises.

These interventions can be extended to much more contexts, not strictly related to art, for example stores and different places for events.

Commission Comment: the document offers a useful and articulated contribution to the discussion regarding the use of cultural spaces that are nowadays particularly affected by the health emergency.