Milan in winter

Despite the cold, the fog and sometimes even the snow, Milan always offers lots of activities and opportunities for recreation to the Milanese and tourists who want to leave the warmth of home or hotel room armed with coats, scarves and gloves.

Surely a reason to do so are the winter sales, which from January 5 animate the shopping streets for those who are not satisfied after the feast of Christmas gifts. Discovering the most interesting streets, including brands and suggestions, luxury and curiosity, boutiques and alternative shops. Chasing the right opportunity for all tastes and availability.

For sports lovers do not miss the many outdoor skating rinks that give the opportunity for young and old to have fun on the ice until the end of the season.

Who does not like the cold, can choose to visit one of the many museums, which are home to priceless treasures of art and offer recreational activities and guided tours suitable for all ages. For example, the Castello Sforzesco, among the most representative and popular monuments of Milan, houses the Civic Museums and since 1896 hosts  one of the largest collections of art in the city. The Pietà Rondanini Museum, in the rooms of the Old Spanish Hospital, should not be missed.

To discover, also the rich offer of exhibitions organized for 2019, able to weave different languages and provide always new looks towards the future.

And why not end the day with a dinner on the ATMosfera restaurant tram, to live a unique experience on the most exclusive place in motion in the city? Imagine to combine the magic and the beauty that pervades you when you cross Milan in the evening, the enchantment and the thrill of sitting on the "timeless" seats of an old "carts" car and the pleasure of savoring the excellent food and sip good wine.