Milano Cortina 2026: three years to go

The official flag of the Winter Olympic Games waves in piazza Duomo

With a symbolic flag-raising ceremony this morning, Milano has celebrated the three years remaining to the opening of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which will be hosted by the city in 2026. Throughout the day, the flag of the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic Games will fly in Piazza Duomo, next to the flags of Italy and Europe.

Political authorities and sports leaders took part in the event.


The flag of Italy and that of Milano Cortina 2026 have been raised on the flagpole of honor in front of the Duomo. The tricolor was hoisted by agents of the Honor Platoon of the Municipal Police to the tune of the Italian anthem, played by the Milano Civic Brass Orchestra.

It was three champions in figure skating - Sara Conti, Niccolò Macii and Rebecca Ghilardi - who hoisted the white flag with “Futura”, the Milano Cortina 2026 logo.


To seal this important moment, the song of the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games,Fino all’alba("Until Dawn") was performed by students of the Milano Music Conservatory.

Rosita Brucoli (23), pop singing student, warmed up the square with her voice, accompanied by Francesco Marrone (18), piano and composition student, and Giulio Gianni (18 years old), organ and composition student, who are the authors of the officinal anthem of Milano Cortina 2026.