In the very days of the first Milano Design Week taking place after the pandemic emergency and the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile, YesMilano presents the new international communication campaign "Based in Milano", which aims to strengthen the reputation of Milano as an international hub for young talent and creativity.


Milano, 10th June 2022 - If you If you ask an Italian, Milano is the most hard-working city of Italy. If you ask a person from Milano, it's the most creative city. If you ask anyone else, it's the capital of Design. Since the 1960s economic miracle, Milano has become the powerhouse of industrial design, a title it is defending with pride now that it is experiencing a full renaissance after the pandemic, with the Milano Design Week 2022 crowding the city with young creatives and seasoned buyers coming for the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile (Milano International Furniture Fair). The Salone this year features 20 pavilions in Rho Fiera Milano, comprising 2,173 exhibitors specializing in interior design, 27% from abroad.

Since June 6, Milano has turned into hotbed of creativity for the Design Week, where the buzz of new ideas and installations embodying new concepts in design are palpable, with 800 events spread across the city, bringing design enthusiasts from all over the world to Salone stands and Fuorisalone parties.

With nearly 630,000 arrivals in May 2022, tourism has officially returned to pre-Covid levels in Milano, and even more people are expected for the summer, when a major cultural program based on live music concerts and theater plays will take place inside the Sforza Castle and in all the 9 urban districts that compose the city. A third of incoming tourists are young people under the age of 30.

Milano is epitome of cool. Fashion, creative and media industries attract international young talent and the city has long been a haven for subcultures and countercultures. With a student population of 220,000, Milano is a young and smart city, where it's easy to zip across the city on a bike or scooter, and explore distinctive neighborhoods like Isola or NoLo, Ticinese and Porta Romana for great food and an aperitivo, which is the staple of social life in the Lombard capital.

Milano is a pole of attraction for the creative youth, as YesMilano is saying in this campaign that links the creativity and energy the youth in Milano by using one of the city's most iconic symbols, the Visconti Snake Dragon emblem that can be spotted in several historic monuments and protrudes from public green fountains.

The video campaign features the Dragon taking life from one of the spigots of the city’s perpetually flowing fountains. It's a funny character roaming across the city, accompanying young creatives from all the regions of the world in their discovery of Milano: on a tram, on a skateboard, atop the new skyscrapers of Gae Aulenti and CityLife, above Duomo and La Scala, the Castle and Sempione Park, with all the sightseeing and food for thought the city can offer. Milano youth, undaunted by the pandemic, sets out to create a new world flowlessly, like the snake dragon, by constantly moving across the city in search of creativity and innovation in design, knowledge and culture.

Being based in Milano means living and breathing creativity, style and design every day of the year. You can feel the vibe of the people in every neighborhood of the city, as young people reinvent them with their work, passion and imagination.


"The 'Based in Milano' campaign is dedicated to young people. Both to young people who have already decided to build their own future in Milano, and who can always count on the staunchest support from this Administration, and to young people who we hope will decide to do so in the future, perhaps after visiting Milano as tourists”, says Martina Riva, City of Milano Deputy for Sport, Tourism and Youth. “Milano is a university city, with over 200,000 students enrolled in in the city’s international universities, of which more than 20,000 come from abroad: we can say that students are the first and foremost stakeholders of our city. This justifies our constant commitment to make Milano more and more 'youth-friendly', sustainable, interconnected, digital, inclusive and accessible. The kind of cultural stimulation that Milano can offer to young people - whether we are talking about creativity, art, sport, design, fashion, food, innovation, entertainment - is truly unique. The green dragon, the protagonist of the campaign flying over the city, represents the spirit, the engaging atmosphere and the vital energy that Milano exudes, nourishing the talents and abilities of our young people".


"The strategic objective shared by the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality is to strengthen Milano's reputation as an international hub for talent and creativity - for which the campaign Based in Milano promoted by YesMilano goes a

step further, since it is not only mandatory nowadays to bring in new energies, ideas, resources to enrich our development model and lifestyle, but it is also essential to build tomorrow’s Milano, and make it even more attractive, participatory and sustainable, a place of inspiration that determines trends at an international level", states Elena Vasco, Secretary General of the Milano Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce.


"Milano is a global hub of creativity, style and design thanks to the thousands of young people - Italians and from all over the world - who have chosen to cultivate their talent in the city's schools and companies", adds Luca Martinazzoli, General Manager of Milano&Partners. "With this campaign we want to celebrate the energy of an intercultural generation that is transforming the city and making it increasingly attractive. In this moment of positive recovery for tourism, which sees the city in the first five months attaining numbers very close to the tourist boom of 2019, we turn to young people and invite them to visit Milano and meet those who are proud to be ‘Based in Milano’.”


Explore the city and the energy of its youth!


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