Milano’s August temperatures can be very hot, how to enjoy your time while here and stay chill?

Simple: there’s MilanoSport with its beautiful swimming pools! And after the pool…a pleasant concert at Lido Milano Live sounds cool, isn’t it?

Check out where some of our fellow students went during last week.

An evening @Lido Milano Live

Gleni, Noam and Vu - Swing and Spritz Experience

"Being all in love with swing music, our amazing group of international girls joined in their music event on 21st August with the presence of the Major Seven Swing Band. at Lido Milano.

Lido Milano Live is a cultural&artistic project during summer in Milano that includes numerous open-air activities like music events and outdoor cinema.

The venue Lido Milano is an historic sports and entertainment venue that dates back to 1930's featuring a big park, tennis courts and a huge open air swimming pool.

At the entrance, we are greeted by the staff who controlled our tickets as well as our temperature to make sure everything is in accordance with Covid-19 regulations. There were also guiding staff during the walk from the entrance to the main stage to make sure no one is lost.

The open air arena could hold up to around 50 people well distanced and a big stage in the middle.

The event started with stand-up comedy (which here is called cabaret) and then Major Seven Swing Band came on stage.

The band truly shone on stage and we just enjoyed the great music and chilling atmosphere. They also played a nice famous Italian song for everyone to sing along.

There was also a nice bar close to the stage, where we all got our beers and fresh and tasty spritz cocktails. (Small tip for anyone coming to Lido Milano Live: they got amazing spritz and bartenders fluent in English).

Another extra point is that staff were super nice and more than pleased to give us the mosquitoes spray to use (yes, being in the middle of one of Milano's biggest green areas, there are some mosquitoes around).

Thanks to the good music, we enjoyed a good time sitting at the bar and chat. The director of Lido Milano in person gave a quick tour of the entire place. It was truly a pleasant surprise for us seeing all the places and services that Milanosport has in Milan, especially the huge swimming pool or auditorium. That was definitely an unforgettable evening for us and we can’t wait to see more of it in the near future."

Enjoying a Hot Day Poolside in Milano

Shiyun & Naara @ Romano swimming pool

"August stay in Milano is an unusual experience for international students, apart from almost of the street are quite empty is the heat even made us wanna stay in as much as possible. With the average 31 degrees weather, gladly we had this chance to go to an outdoor swim pool and spend our day with cool water at reach. 

It is really convenient to get there, take the green line 2 and get off from Piola with 2 minutes walking distance then we arrived there: Milanosport – Centro Balneare Romano. A small tip: it’s better to buy the tickets via the Milanosport website so you don’t have to stand in the queue to get your tickets for the pools. If you are up to 25 years old, buy the reduced fare ticket ("ridotto").

When we enter, there is a common space for you to change the outfit. I guess is because of the COVID-19, they had changed their setting. There is no cloakroom to put your stuff (bring a bag with you where to put your stuff) and the changing room was just a small private space with a door, it is not divided by the gender.

After changing to swimsuit then we enter the outdoor space, a big garden with a gigantic pool which quite surprised us. 

The pool itself divides into 4 different areas, there is a shallow area, one in-between ("media"), and the deep end (which is deep, indeed). There are also three tracks in the middle of the pool for swimming practice. On Monday and Thursday, the venue also offers Aquafitness activities, to move your body with other people led by a coach in the water - which is 100% fun and energetic!

A few lifeguards beside the pool are always watching in order to keep everyone safe. It is very reassuring when swimming to know somebody is keeping an eye on you.

It was such a lovely open space to chill around. In the beginning, we were chilling at the sling chair, enjoying taking the sun, and chatting with each other. We thought it was going to be a hot afternoon, but the poolside was quite refreshing. We went into the pool, the water was clean and its temperature was just right. There is almost no one loitering in the deep part, but -not being a swimming expert- I mainly stayed in the medium depth end.

The shallow end is kids' territory, by the way.

So here is definitely the place that can put people at ease. When you feel like to get some drinks there is a bar in the garden - don’t forget to put your mask on!

The swimming pool closes at 7 pm, so after spending the afternoon in the swimming pool it’s the perfect timing for aperitivo! Cheers!"



Aquafitness day at Cardellino pool

How to make Ha Vu Nguyen come back again and again

"Staying in Milano during August can be quite challenging as the temperature can easily reach 40 degrees on the hottest days. Luckily, this Friday, I had an amazing opportunity to join in the swimming pool of Milanosport in Via Cardellino. The place offers a wide range of activities from gymnastics to swimming and it's well connected with a bus stop 47 or 49. They are well equipped with a reception at the entrance, changing rooms, shower rooms, gyms, and two big swimming pools. What I really like about this place is that their outdoor pool is also near a park where you could lay down your towel and enjoy your time. I went there on Friday, Aquafitness day (yay me!), which starts from 15:00 on Wednesday and Friday so I also joined in with everyone. It’s super fun and easy to do with friends and family. This place is definitely yes for me, I'll surely visit again for their indoor swimming pool and another fun Aquafitness day!"

The most beautiful swimming pools in Milano

Milano, historically a city rich in water - but with no sea or lakes - boasts a centuries-old tradition in the careful and avant-garde construction of public swimming pools for leisure, sports and for all the Milanese to refresh during the infamous hot summers of Milano.

Many of those pools, along with many other public sports venues owned by the Municipality, are managed by Milanosport SpA,
See their website to discover all the venues and opportunities to make sport and have fun, and to buy the tickets

The first public swimming pool facility dates back to 1842 :over the decades the structures have alternated, following the history of the city, but today many remain in business, preserving the original structures of great architectural value.

Here we listed the most beautiful must-see / must-splash public swimming pools in Milano.