Climate and temperature

The climate in Milan is typically continental; it is characterized by long, hot summers and low winter temperatures that can result in snow cover.

The distance from the sea does not generate humidity and consequently rainfall is generally limited. Average days in Milan are mostly stable with a temperate climate. Average temperatures in the city range from 0/ +5 ° C in January to + 20/+ 30 °C in July. Winter in Milan is generally quite cold.

The summers are hot and humid with some milder days. The median monthly rainfall indicates that precipitation is abundant and well-distributed throughout the year. Peak rainfall occurs between October and November with minimum amounts registered in January and February.

Fog is not as frequent as people think; nowadays really foggy conditions are very uncommon.

The winter snowfall provides evocative images of the city. In the future we can expect increasingly mild winters and probably dry conditions. Consequently frosty days will diminish, the snow will become more infrequent and fog, especially in residential areas, will be replaced by light mists.