Milano is the most important national cradle for Italian and international young talents. The lively and growing context of the city has made it extremely attractive for students and young workers.



2nd EU city for fastest-growing startups, with a birth date of 38.6 newborn per 100k inhabitants, Milano is home to 3,300 startup companies (23% of the national total amount). In Milano, young talents and professionals come from all over the world not just for work but often to complete and leverage their studies.

Every year, the city universities, and excellent academies host over 230k students, out of which 17k are foreigners. 

In 2022, Politecnico di Milano ranked 5th in Arts & Design and 13th for Engineering & Technology, while Bocconi University resulted 6th worldwide for Business & Finance. On the science related studies, Università “Statale” di Milano ranked 34th in Pharmacy and Pharmacology (QS Ranking, 2022).



Milano&Partners collaborates with all the universities in the city to both attract and nurture young talents, assisting the investing companies in their job search.

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