Circular Economy, Water & Waste Management

Italy is at the forefront in the management and reuse of raw materials and production waste: it ranks #1, along with France, among the top 5 European economies (Circular Economy in Italy Report - 2022 edition), with an overall recycling rate of 68% and a circular material use rate of 21.6%. The decrease in raw material use per capita is 36%.

Milano ranks #1 among Italian cities, thanks to its branched and appreciated public transportation systems, advanced car sharing services, efficient water network, high level of waste collection, and high turnover of second-hand sales activities.

The Alliance for the Circular Economy

The Alliance for the Circular Economy (L’Alleanza per l’Economia Circolare) is the start of a path of collaboration among 17 Italian companies in order to gather and spread knowledge about the Circular Economy as a strategic innovation lever that redesigns the overall economic system and aims to minimize the consumption of matter in all its forms, involving people, associations and interest groups.


The Alliance's goal is to support the circular economy through several initiatives, including the following:

  • the definition of measurement methods and targets in terms of circularity (for affiliated companies, but gradually also for their suppliers and for the downstream supply chain);

  • the development of joint projects;

  • the definition of common positions and proposals on the topic;

  • the identification and dissemination of Italian best practices on circularity and their enhancement in the international arena.


The 17 companies that are part of this Alliance are A2A, Aquafil, Bulgari, CDP, Cirfood, Costa, Enel, Erg, Fater Smart, Ferrovie dello Stato, Gruppo Hera, Intesa Sanpaolo, Next Chem, Novamont, Salvatore Ferragamo, TH Resorts, Touring Club Italiano.