Clean Buildings

Construction Tech, PropTech and Smart Spaces in Milano

The total business volume associated with Smart Building investments (excluding connectivity) in Italy in 2019 is equivalent to more than € 8 bln, of which 16 % in Automation technologies, 15 % in Management and control platforms and 69 % in Building devices and solutions. Investments in Smart-Building related technologies are expected to grow even further in the coming years.

Urban Regeneration in Milano

Urban regeneration in Milano goes through a set of actions aimed at the recovery and redevelopment of an urban space. This process takes place through recovery interventions at the level of infrastructure and services, limiting land consumption to protect environmental sustainability.

The goal of urban regeneration is to help make cities sustainable and more people-friendly. Redeveloping an area or regenerating it is a way to improve the quality of life for citizens, seeking to upgrade the space occupied by people and increase its value, wherever possible. 


With the steady decline of building areas regulated by land use discipline, the idea of reclaiming existing spaces and areas as much as possible has begun to spread. For this reason, architects, engineers and planners have revised their priorities by favoring more rational construction and encouraging urban redevelopment actions, especially of the most degraded suburban areas.


There are more than 100 urban regeneration projects - with implementation processes already started - active throughout the territory: these are published and periodically updated on the "Atlas" that the municipality has made available through its website.

Reinventing Cities @Milano

Reinventing Cities is a global competition sponsored by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group with support from Climate KIC.

C40 is a network of about 100 globally influential cities committed to tackling climate change. C40 supports cities in collaborating with each other and sharing knowledge in order to achieve an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable future.


The international Reinventing Cities program, involves Cities in identifying abandoned or underutilized publicly owned sites ready for redevelopment, and private entities, organized into Multidisciplinary Teams, in submitting proposals to redevelop sites by finding solutions to the following 10 climate challenges:

  1. Energy efficiency and low-emission energy

  2. Life cycle assessment and sustainable management of building materials 

  3. Low-emission mobility

  4. Climate resilience and adaptation

  5. Green land services and green jobs

  6. Sustainable management of water resources

  7. Sustainable waste management

  8. Biodiversity, urban reforestation and agriculture

  9. Inclusive actions, social benefits and community engagement

  10. Innovative architecture and urban design


Milano joined the initiative for three successive editions by putting up 5 sites in the first edition, 7 sites in the second edition and 6 sites in the third edition: 9 proposals have already been awarded.