Milano for Fashion&Design

"For me, Milan has always been a hub of creativity. It seems to have a lot of young energy in it and it's a regenerating thing, for people coming from America, to find so many creative people in the city, whether they are newspapers, graphic designers, artists or DJs. For me, Milan is almost the most important city creatively today… I think from now on there will be a fusion: fashion, art, cinema, performance art, street art, street fashion." Virgil Abloh

Milano is one of the four world’s fashion capitals and the city that best represents the worldwide renowned Made in Italy design industry, thanks to its vibrant ecosystem of luxury brands, international and emerging design companies, showrooms, events, academies and training institutes.

All the major international brands have a flagship store in Milano, which counts nearly 800 showrooms and 6,000 sales outlets: Milano is a top destination for international tourists with one of the highest average daily expenditure in Europe (€155) and also Italians’ expenditure on clothing is among the highest (€710 vs €490 European average expenditure per year).

Over 11,000 fashion companies employing 93,000 people and with over €20 bln revenues choose Milano for their home. The city hosts also more than 9,000 design firms, 2,000 professional designers, 54,000 employees, accounting for €14 bln annual turnover: 8% of the registered businesses are led by under-35 entrepreneurs. Last year, design services sector in the city grew by 47%.


Strategically based, Milano is the beating heart of Lombardy, a region with over 40,000 creative enterprises employing 225,000 people: 12,000 enterprises and 84,000 employees just in the textile sector and more than 10,000 firms are active in architecture and design.

Italy is the country with the highest number of global fashion operators (9 out of 78). Our “Made in Italy” is the 3rd most popular among consumers, recording a rising demand from abroad for quality Italian goods.