ICT Industry

Milano is scaling rapidly as a central hub for the development of innovative technologies and digital solutions, being home to over 2,800 innovative startups. To boost its process of digitalization, Milano implemented the Digital Transformation Plan, the municipal project that combines digital and social innovation to make digital services more easily accessible.


Lombardy is the most developed area for data centers. The region, indeed, is home to 26 out of 83 Data Centers (31%), the majority of which are located in Milano. Thanks to its tech hubs, advanced infrastructures, and highly qualified human capital, 1/5 of Italian patents are generated here

The city is a pioneer in digital payment, contactless technologies and sharing mobility, giving birth to 2 Fintech Unicorns: Scalapay and Satispay. 


13,500 Companies dealing with ICT (more than an half of the total regional amount) chose Milano as their headquarters, experiencing +22.6%  year-over-year growth compared to 2020, employing over 140,000 people and contributing with a €15.9 billion turnover, welcoming international and national tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and ABB.