Milano Startup Ecosystem

Milano is home to a thriving tech ecosystem and to some of Europe’s fastest growing startups in the digital sector. The region is first in Italy for ICT foreign investments and has solid tech infrastructure investments, while the Italian market is undoubtedly among the most appealing at EU level.   

Milano is Italy’s largest hub for innovation and technology and is among the top three European cities for innovative start up with scalable business models, counting alone 3,300 startup companies with a birth rate of 38.6 newborn startup per 100,000 inhabitants.  

1,578 innovative startups dealing with ICT (21,5% of the national amount) chose Milano as home town, also considering the opportunities offered by the city’s growing VC ecosystem:  €1.3 billion invested in the first semester of  2022 with a growth rate of +90% compared to 2021. ICT monopolizes the interest of venture capital investors, representing a 40% share. The ICT is constituted for 41% from operations on startup in the segment of the digital consumer services, and for 59% on companies with focus on enterprise technologies. Subsequently, 10% of the initial investments were directed towards financial services (fintech) and 8% towards Healthcare.