The  NRRP Opportunity

On 30 April 2021, Italy presented to the European Commission the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), the instrument aimed at making Italy more equitable, sustainable and inclusive by leveraging Next Generation Europe funds.  

The Plan was approved on 13 July 2021 and provides  € 191.5 billion dedicated to investment in digitisation, ecological transition and social inclusion within 2026.  Furthermore, the government approved a National Complementary Fund of €30.6 billion, bringing the total funds set aside to € 222.1 billion in total. 


The NRRP plan focuses on 4 priority missions:"digitalization-innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism". Within the first mission, the total funds allocated (€ 49,8 Bln) will target: 

  • the migration to the cloud and proven models for the implementation of digital public services (€ 1 Bln); 

  • the consolidation of digital identity (SPID/CIE) (€ 27 Mln); 

  • the integration of the pagoPA payment system (€ 66 Bln); 

  • the integration of the IO app by administrations that have not yet done so (€ 25 Mln). 


The measures included in the first mission strengthen innovation and digitisation of the manufacturing system. Significant interventions across economic sectors are planned, such as encouraging investment in technology, R&D and initiating the reform of the industrial property system.