Lombard Life Sciences Cluster

The Lombard Life Sciences Cluster is the regional community that brings together all public and private organisations – research, industrial and clinic – which work with expertise and enthusiasm to foster progress and innovation in this value chain and to improve the lives of all citizens.

The Cluster promotes networking among its member, supports them in the implementation of shared projects, facilitates the creation of new partnerships, even internationally, optimises technology transfer processes and encourages the growth of local skills and resources.

Lombardy Region refers to the Cluster to discuss and develop local policies.
The Cluster is therefore the gateway to all regional opportunities in the life science sector and it develops specific activities in support and strong connection to these policies.

The Cluster currently gathers more than 110 members and it works to create a continuously evolving ecosystem from the science community to the public community, beginning from the Lombardy Region to reach the heart of Europe.

It is one of the members of the Italian ALISEI Cluster and, at international level, it is part of a network that brings together all major European bioregions and it is developing several collaborations i.e. Canada, Cuba and Israel.