Milano's largest district entirely dedicated to innovation

MIND Milano Innovation District, born on the premises of Milano World Expo 2015 dedicated to the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energies for Life”, combines its scientific and clinical inclination in the life sciences sector with a unique international platform to capitalize the global and local research and business excellences. 

Thanks to a public-private investment of > 4 billion euros, once fully operational, MIND will host over 60,000 people/dayincluding 18,000 students and 5,000 researchers, making it one of the top 200 Italian municipalities in terms of population.


MIND is a structured system of interaction aimed at TT and open innovation between universities, research bodies and companies, is organised in different thematic areas with access to research infrastructure, know-how, funds and networks. Despite the pandemic outbreak, such an integrated approach has been allowing the major urban developments to proceed fast, and to put in place a series of research and innovation projects even before physical spaces became available.

The avant-garde laboratories, designed by champions in the field of industrial and public-setting design, are intended to provide shared spaces for cross-companies teams as well as independent spaces. Innovative demonstrators are at the disposal of the health supply chain to test the potential of new techs for processes, products and services transformations.

Leading life sciences companies, along with startups and SMEs EU institutions and regulators have already granted their presence in the district by establishing new headquarters, research centres and/or branch offices.


The companies involved in MIND are already working, together with the Anchors and national and international partners, on a series of pilot projects using the district as a test-bed to experiment new systems of personalised medicine, mobility, logistics, energy and data sharing.  Such synergies evolve around 3 priority strands:

  • big data and AI, smart materials and devices

  • genomics

  • advanced and addictive manufacturing


TT, open innovation and start-ups

Entry barriers in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices market remains high due to techs, laboratories and equipment costs, but also because of regulatory barriers and the difficulty for smaller organisations to interact with both universities and large companies. MIND partners launched and benefit from a number of initiatives: 

  • The IRCCS Galeazzi, together with LendLease and Confindustria MD is leading on the Primary Site pilot project aimed at supporting 10 innovative start-ups or SMEs operating in the Medical Device sector that need support to acquire or regain the CE mark. 

  • “Seed4Innovation” - S4I - Open Innovation initiatives and a scouting program is promoted by the Public University of Milan (UNIMI), to pollinating the University expertise and coaching on the best knowledge transfer solution and business models.  “Proof of Concept” projects and fund are aimed at increasing the TRL of innovative solutions and reducing the market access. The Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) and several industrial partners (e.g. Novartis Pharma and Lamberti) are co-granting the initiative.

All this is turning MIND into a breeding ground for health prevention, improved diagnostics and advanced healthcare, always keeping in mind a citizen-centred paradigm.  


Located inside Milan Innovation District MIND, Human Technopole (HT) is a large-scale, government-funded, research infrastructure that contributes to improving human health and well-being by developing new approaches to personalised and preventive medicine. 

By the end of 2021 it will employ over 200 researchers and at full capacity over 1,000 scientists will have been recruited.

Law no. 77/2020 also assigned to HT the task of establishing a "Centre for innovation and technology transfer in the field of life sciences", providing the Foundation with adequate financial resources to promote innovative processes proposed by public and private entities in the research and innovation system.

Alongside laboratories and highly qualified researchers, HT is expected to be enlisted in the world’s most advanced hubs thanks to the acquisition of exclusive computing, storage and imaging equipment. Genomics studies, big data analysis and new diagnostics techniques will be supported by unique supercomputers able to store hundreds of petabytes located in one of the main facilities.


International research programs and leadership


Human Technopole, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of University and
Research, launches the Early Career Fellowship Programme: an initiative to make HT
resources and infrastructure available to young researchers at the start of their career, to support them in the development of their scientific activity in Italy. The first edition of the Programme allows five young researchers the opportunity to compete for a grant worth 
€ 200,000 per year for five years, for an overall investment of 5 million euro. The programme is open to young scientists of any nationality who have completed a doctoral degree within the last eight years. The ECF will be awarded on the condition that they choose a hosting Italian university or research institute for the development of their research project. 


Human Technopole has recently announced the leadership of the Genomics Research Centre with the appointment of Nicole Soranzo and Piero Carninci as Heads of the Centre. One of the first projects of the Centre will be the genomics characterisation of the participants in the “Moli-Sani” study, an epidemiological study which has been developed over the years by the Istituto Neurologico Mediterreneo – Neuromed IRCCS.


Bio4Dreams is a privately funded certified incubator for innovative Life Sciences startups in very early stage phase. Headquartered in MIND with several offices in Italy and a rich network of international partnership in Eastern Europe, China and Pennsylvania, it aims at enabling startups to compete on a global scale from the beginning of their activity.

The Business Nursery™ offers tailor-made support, flexible incubation programs and a multidisciplinary result-driven team, focused on providing structure and stability to the first steps of newly born startups, bridging them with innovation hubs, funds, companies and other incubators and accelerators.

Through the Innovation Circle™, a physical space where the different stakeholders of the innovation and technology transfer value chain can meet and work together, regular themed meetings are organized to discuss specific entrepreneurial projects at a very early stage of development to define personalized development programs.


Federated Innovation™ is a public-private collaborative model gathering over 37 major companies to date under a single legal entity.

Consistently with the goal of making MIND a unique scientific park where all the players contribute to the ecosystem and make themselves available to create value for the whole territory, companies joining the Federated Innovation™ will develop innovative projects in the areas of: Greentech, Urban Digital Tech, Fintech, Agrifood Tech & Wellbeing, Retail Tech, Life Sciences & Health Care, Proptech & Smart Spaces, Security & Defense, Mobility & Logistics, Energy, and Construction Tech.