Statale University 1st for Covid-19 research

The prestigious magazine Science highlights Statale, Milano's public university, as highest-ranked university in Europe and 4th worldwide for Covid-19 research.


The University, recognized as 36th in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology studies according to QS World University Rankings, with its 287 papers on Covid-19 related researches ranks 1st in Europe and just behind Wuhan-based Huazhong University, Tongji Medical College and Harvard University. Since the early pandemic outbreak, Statale allocated an emergency fund to research projects in the area of Covid-19 virus characterisation and evolution, immune response, and drug development, with a view to making an instant, positive impact on the local community.


The acknowledgement proves the quality and vibrancy of Milano life sciences ecosystem where emergencies are transformed in new opportunities. Milano researchers and doctors, who have been at the forefront of the pandemic, are now working to prevent an intensification of cases and produce effective treatments.

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