Ahead of Christmas, Milano lights up once again with 22 creative projects of "Christmas of the Trees”, born out of an idea by Marco Balich. Discover them all.


Here you find the 10 best things to do in Milano for Christmas.

Piazza del Duomo (Milano Cortina 2026)

The spirit of Christmas, and the values of the Olympics and Paralympics, will illuminate the Milano Cortina 2026 Albero dei Giochi (Olympic Games Tree) in Piazza del Duomo


A beautifully decorated Nordmann fir, from the nearby Province of Varese, will greet all Milanese and tourists alike to wish them a happy festive season.


A hall of fame at the base of the Olympic Games tree, sponsored by Esselunga, will pay homage to the 221 Italian medallists in the history of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.


The majestic 28-metre-high fir will be adorned with circa 300 silver & red Christmas spheres intertwined with decorative gold, silver and bronze medals in homage to the extraordinary feats of the Italian champions. 


The tree in Piazza Duomo will be illuminated by the amber-coloured hues of approx. 100,000 microLEDs which will culminate at the top with a dazzling snowflake. During the Christmas period, the Piazza del Duomo tree dedicated to the Games will be enhanced with two additional installations depicting the Olympic Circles and the Paralympic Agitos.


The Milano Cortina 2026 Games tree-lighting ceremony will be held on Wednesday 6th December, starting from 17:00, in Piazza del Duomo.

Magic is in the air…

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Gucci)

Seventy-eight gift parcels of different shapes and sizes, all stacked one on top of the other, will create Gucci’s 8.52-metre-high tree to illuminate Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


The glittering white, dichroic and silver gift boxes - all sealed with the brand’s iconic double G clasp - will evoke the shades of the historic Galleria to beautifully irradiate Milano’s ‘drawing room’.


At the top of the tree, a lightbox with a mirror and dichroic crystal rays will create reflections to highlight the vault illuminated by 780 strings of white LED lights encircling the Municipality of Milano’s coat of arms.

Piazza della Scala and Piazza Cantoni (Sephora)

Sephora will light up Piazza della Scala with its Fai brillare la tua luce (Let your light shine) installation. The glittering 10-metre-high structure will be made up of 98 gift packages of various sizes and colours, all stacked to make a Christmas tree. The installation will boast a dynamic, highly energy-efficient LED lighting system to create a truly visual and sensorial experience.


By pressing a button, passers-by will be able to activate the illumination and make ‘their light shine’. Each unique and personalised light show will be accompanied by a Christmas soundtrack.


A 6-metre potted fir tree, also decorated by Sephora, will stand magically in Piazza Remo Cantoni, at the Terrazze del Gratosoglio.

Galleria del Corso and Piazza Berlinguer (Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria's Secret dedicates a Christmas tree in the Galleria del Corso to its Celebrates Women project. A 10-metre-high fir, from a nursery in Val Sorda, will have tantalising red, gold and pink gift packages under the tree.


The same shades will also embellish the decorations and LED lights, and a gold bow will top the splendid tree which supports a fundraising initiative for the IEO/MONZINO charity foundation.


Reds, pinks and golden hues will also adorn the 4-metre tree installed by Victoria's Secret in Piazza Berlinguer, corner of Via Savona.

Via Croce Rossa – intersection with via Manzoni and via Montenapoleone (Xerjoff)

Over 25,000 LEDs and more than 200 shiny and glittery spheres, in white, gold and burgundy… Xerjoff’s Spray to help Christmas project will adorn the small piazza at the intersection of via Croce Rossa and via Manzoni with a freshly-cut white fir tree, approximately 10 metres high.


In collaboration with the Vite senza Paura association, all the decorations are made from recycled materials, including those shaped as perfume bottles.


The installation also supports an initiative for female victims of violence.

Piazza del Carmine (Banca Investis)

The Banca Investis tree in Piazza del Carmine is a conical and contemporary sculpture of LED lights.

Approximately 7 metres high, the main installation of the Albero dell’Innovazione (Innovation Tree) project will be positioned on a 2.5-metre-high backlit podium to catch the eye of all the residents and tourists visiting Brera.

Piazza San Carlo (IG)

Christmas is the celebration of everyone’s dreams, desires and hopes. The ‘This Christmas grow together with us’ project by IG Italia will illuminate Piazza San Carlo with an installation made up of three aluminium conical trees - respectively, 3, 4 and 5 metres high - completely covered in coloured LED lights. 


By stepping onto the platform, passers-by will interact with the installation and activate the light animations in each individual cone.


The QR code on the illustrative totem will also activate an augmented reality experience for the public to discover IG's commitment to financial training, social issues and environmental protection.

Following the festivities, the pre-existing structures will be recycled for future initiatives.

Piazza dei Mercanti (Baci Perugina)

A vortex of stars and decorations evoking the iconic Italian chocolate will peak in a starry sky with illuminated greetings. This year, Baci Perugina will celebrate Christmas in Piazza dei Mercanti with its È giunto il tempo di riaccendere le stelle (The time has come to relight the stars) 8-metre-high tree.


The supporting structure, with mirrored surfaces, will illuminate inwards and will externally reflect the architecture of the piazza. The tree is positioned on a blue platform with star-shaped seats for visitors to enjoy the pure magical atmosphere created by the installation.


A charity campaign sponsored by Baci Perugina, and promoted by the L'Albero della Vita Foundation is also connected to the project. 

Piazza Cordusio, Piazza Paci and Piazza Anita Garibaldi (Boscolo)

With the ‘Our world. What a wonderful world!’ Christmas installation, Boscolo will reveal the wonders of the world to our city. The installation is the reproduction of a 9.5-metre spruce tree, with 35 different-sized gift packages at the base. The tree will be wrapped with a ribbon that will send festive greetings in lots of different languages.


Adjacent to this, a pop-up store in the shape of a semi-unwrapped gift parcel will entice passers-by to enter and to discover various activities designed to make the festive celebrations even more enjoyable. Everything will be illuminated by high energy efficiency LED lights, and made with reusable materials.


Additionally, two freshly-cut 6-metre-high trees, (which will be replanted after the festivities) will each carry Boscolo's message to Piazza Enzo Paci (City Zone 6) and Piazza Anita Garibaldi (City Zone 7).

Piazza San Babila, piazza Belloveso and piazzale Corvetto (Dils)

Dils will install three trees in three different piazzas this Christmas - Piazza San Babila, Piazza Belloveso and Piazzale Corvetto.


The 13-metre-high tree in Piazza San Babila, decorated with over 36,000 warm white LED lights and more than 200 Christmas spheres, will tower over a 25x12 metre ice rink. Light shows along with ice and musical performances will delight all ages. Access to the rink is with a minimum donation, and the proceeds will be donated to associations operating in different city areas as part of the ‘This is my Milan - Christmas Edition’ project.


The decorations in Piazza Belloveso and Piazzale Corvetto will be in traditional and green, where Dils will illuminate two other trees, each 6 meters high.

Piazza XXV Aprile (Jo Malone London)

The evocative charm of Jo Malone London's Gingerbread Christmas Village will bring the warmth and fragrance of the holidays to Piazza XXV Aprile.


A freshly-cut Christmas tree, approximately 7 metres high and decorated with gingerbread-inspired treats, candy canes and gift packages, will lovingly welcome all visitors. The adjacent gingerbread house will invite all visitors to embark on a sensory journey of fun hands-on workshops and activities… from writing Christmas cards for loved ones to creating festive wreaths and tasting sweet treats.


The installation will also support charitable initiatives.

Piazza Tina Modotti (Lendlease/MSG)

Lendlease will ramp up the Christmas atmosphere in Piazza Modotti with its ‘Santa Giulia is coming to town’ project: three trees (one 6 meters high and the others 4 meters high) will be adorned with warm white LED microlights and festive red-coloured decorations.

The trees will be positioned on gift-package shapes displaying greetings addressed to the local residents.


Luminous festive drapes will adorn the stairwells of the edifice in via Russolo 9.

Corso Garibaldi (A2A)

The A2A Group celebrates the festive season in Corso Garibaldi with its Life Christmas tree.


A lightweight structure with vertical wind turbine shapes that represent A2A's commitment to the country's energy transition. 


The Life Company installation will be continuously illuminated with low energy impact white LED lights which, depending on the weather conditions, will change in intensity thanks to the movement produced by the propellers.


The 7-metre-high mast will be topped with a clover-shaped star, as a symbol of hope and good fortune.

Piazza Duca d’Aosta (Grandi Stazioni Retail and Plenitude)

At the foot of a twinkling 14-metre-high tree, illuminated by over 15,000 LEDs, a huge 1,500 m2 ice-skating rink and the Plenitude Senstation on Ice 2023 winter village (sponsored by Grandi Stazioni Retail and Eni Plenitude) will liven up Piazza Duca d'Aosta during the Xmas holidays, with the support of Radio Italia, the event’s official radio station. 


An initiative that also focuses on sustainability, energy and the environment: visitors will be involved in a fun game to help generate energy to light the tree. Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with OBM Onlus, visitors will be able to participate in a charity initiative to recycle children's games and books which will be delivered to playrooms in Milano’s Vittore Buzzi Children's Hospital.

Piazza Gae Aulenti (Portanuova powered by Warner Music Italy)

The Portanuova Pop Christmas project will spread the energy of Christmas in Piazza Gae Aulenti thanks to the collaboration between the Portanuova district and Warner Music Italy.


A 13-metre-tall tree will act as a messenger by inviting everyone, starting from the youngest visitor, to be authentic and to always improve themselves whilst respecting the environment and society: Be Yourself, Be Better, Be Kind to the Planet.


The project progresses through five interactive rooms (Santa Claus’ Post Office - Powered by Me Contro Te; Disco Vintage - Powered by The Tenors; Neon Songs - Powered by Gerry Scotty; Illusion Gift; Gingerbread World) and a tunnel (Infinity Ice Tunnel – Powered by Cher), each dedicated to a musical theme. 


Just scan the QR CODES to continue the experience on the Portanuova Milano app where you have access to social media filters and all the themed products on sale in the local area, along with special promotions available exclusively on the App. Amongst the products on sale there will also be items from the Amici di Cometa Charity Association.


The fabulous display then continues in Piazza Alvar Aalto, where a gigantic gift package is transformed into a photographic set. The via Gioia bridge and Via Capelli will also be illuminated, together with the fountain in piazza Gae Aulenti.

Piazza Elsa Morante (Atlante)

Atlante's Merry Charging Tree installation in Piazza Elsa Morante, in the City Life district, symbolises the company's commitment to zero-emission mobility and a more sustainable future. 


With the contrast between low energy consumption and linear LED bars with timed light elements, the tree creates a spectacular play of lights and comes alive with the Atlante corporate colours. Green to represent the energy from renewable sources that Atlante provides through its charging network. Blue like the starry skies that we often dream of seeing more and more of above our cities.


A seasonal wish for a Christmas full of love and positive energy, in harmony with our planet.

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