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Last updated: September 25th, 2023

Momenti di Moda a Palazzo Morando. Dal busto alla salopette

Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine - From September 17th, 2022

Changes in the fashion world between 1900 and 1980 are testified by the clothes Palazzo Morando preserves in its collections. From the beginning of the Twentieth century, when the corset is the main character of clothing, the first switch is around 1920 -’30, when dresses start being more comfortable. If during the Second World War raw material were scarce, it was in the Fifties that clothes find their prominence again through tailors, then being produced in series and sold in boutiques, laying the foundation of prêt à porter.


Curated by Enrica Morini, Margherita Rosina and Ilaria De Palma.

Da cosa nasce cosa / CASVA

Fabbrica del Vapore - Until November 24th, 2022

The archive of objects (products and prototypes) studied by De Pas D’Urbino Lomazzi is shown in the exhibition organized in Fabbrica del Vapore. This exhibition tells, also to those who are not experts, in the most immediate and understandable way, the freshness and brilliance of a season of unrepeatable design that, from the Sixties of the last century, led the Made in Italy to be known and appreciated in the entire world.


Curated by Maria Fratelli, Mariella Brenna, Enrico Delitala.

Oltre la soglia.Leandro Erlich

Palazzo Reale - Until October 4, 2023

After many acclaimed exhibitions worldwide, Leandro Erlich comes to Milan with a show that will be held in spring - autumn 2023, at the prestigious Palazzo Reale.

Erlich's installations and illusions represent a great novelty in the art world; the combined elements of creativity, vision, emotion and playfulness all determine the conceptual artist’s growing international success. His work Bâtiment, in which people simulate climbing on a large building, is world-renowned, as is his remarkable Swimming Pool, in which people have the sensation of moving under the water, and his famed architectural works are suspended in thin air.


Promoted by the Municipality of Milan - Dept of Culture, the exhibition is produced and organised by Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia.

Sebastião Salgado. Amazônia

Fabbrica del Vapore - From May 12th to November 19th, 2023

A total immersion in the universe of the Amazon rainforest through the impressive photographs of Salgado, who travelled for six years photographing the forest, the rivers, the mountains and the people who live there.


Over 200 works in the exhibition dialogue with the concrete sounds of the forest, which make up the soundscape created by Jean-Michel Jarre. Drawing attention to the incomparable beauty of this region and the fragility of its ecosystem, Salgado invites us to reflect on the ecological situation and the relationship that people have with it today.


Curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado.

Le vie dell’acqua a Mediolanum

Civico Museo Archeologico - From May 18th, 2023 to March 31, 2024

The exhibition traces the close relationship between urban life and water in Roman times. The exploitation of water for the most diverse purposes (defensive, productive, hygienic, recreational, etc.) is one of the most important aspects of the Roman world.


Starting from Milan, whose bond with water determined its flourishing and prosperity over the centuries, the exhibition illustrates the many uses of this resource, from the defensive system, to the imposing Herculean baths, to artisan production. The traces of the past prove to be enlightening in giving us back the image of a humanity in close relationship with water: not only an asset to be exploited, but an essential element of the imaginary world.


Curated by the Civico Museo Archeologico, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio for the Metropolitan City of Milano and with the scientific contribution of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. 

China - The New Frontier of Art

Fabbrica del Vapore - From June 24th to October 8th, 2023

The exhibition focuses on contemporary Chinese art. The exhibited works are by well-known and sought-after masters such as Yin Kun or Xing Jun Qin, Ma Han, Xin Haizhou or Xu De Qi who will present unpublished works, specially designed for this occasion.

The techniques used range from the more traditional to the more contemporary ones with the spectacularization of the exhibited works.  Most of the works represent the new trend of Chinese Pop Art defined as "playful pop", which expresses the happiness of living in a China marked by a moment of social and economic progress.

This trend is different from the Chinese pop art of the 80s characterized by an artistic movement defined as "cynical" which criticized the political class of the time and mocked the degeneration of the behavior of a nascent consumer society.

The exhibition is curated by Vincenzo Sanfo, already involved in important exhibitions on Chinese art both in China and in the rest of the world and one of the founders of the Beijing Biennale of which he was one of the curators until 2022.


Press Office: Fabrizio Kune Tel. 339/8383413  comunicazione@fabriziokuhne.com 


Acquario di Milano - From July 19th to October 1st, 2023

Three young artists, Ieva Petersone, Sanda Skujina and Francesca Vitali Boldini, will present ALTRIMARI, an exhibition dedicated to the theme of water and, more specifically, to the boundless dimension of the sea, the seat of an imagery that recalls all aspects of life on our planet, life that comes from the sea, and which today sees environmental pollution as one of the most frightening threats to its survival.

The three authors, propose to the visitor a journey that, in reflecting on the immensity of the sea, freezes the datum of nature from the organic to the mechanical (Petersone), exalts the generating force of the sea (Skujina), opens up a treasure chest populated with myths and creatures (Vitali Boldini).


Curated by Renato Galbusera

FURLA SERIES. Suzanne Jackson, Somethings in the World

GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano - From September 15th to December 17th, 2023

For the fifth edition of the Furla Series program, Fondazione Furla and GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan announce Somethings in the World, a solo exhibition by Suzanne Jackson, curated by Bruna Roccasalva. The exhibition—the first to be dedicated to the artist by a European institution—will offer a glimpse of the research Suzanne Jackson has been carrying out for over fifty years, retracing key moments of her career.


Curated by Bruna Roccasalva


Press office: Fondazione Furla - Lara Facco P&C denise@larafacco.com

Acque fragili. Infrangibili equazioni Pina Inferrera

Civico Acquario di Milano - From September 15th to October 22nd, 2023

In an already markedly Aquarian Era, Pina Inferrera's art gathers the suggestions, fears, and expectations of a global population in the grip of major climatic, social, cultural, and economic changes, overwhelmed by the tzunamic waves of increasingly threatening seas.

It is in the contrast between the images of the new pieces of cities with the other glimpses of nature, photographed and filmed by Pina Inferrera along the immersive itineraries of some of the most evocative European forests, that we can understand the importance of habitat in the formative mechanisms of human cultures.



Curated by Fortunato d'Amico


Palazzo Reale - From September 20th, 2023 to January 21th, 2024

From 20 September 2023 to 21 January 2024 Palazzo Reale Milano will host the first Italian solo exhibition of Jimmy Nelson, one of the most important photographers of our century at an international level in the contemporary scene.

The exhibition project will be displayed in collaboration with the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and the curatorship of Nicolas Ballario and Federica Crivellaro.

Born in England in 1967, Jimmy Nelson has dedicated his life to numerous trips around the world to photograph some of the most endangered indigenous cultures, telling their stories, their emotions and traditional customs and traditions that have been preserved despite the progressive and impressive globalization of our planet.

Jimmy Nelson. Humanity is an extraordinary journey into the beauty of humanity through 65 large photographs belonging to his most famous and celebrated works in the world, through the exhibition it will be possible to immerse yourself in the artist's work having the opportunity to grasp its most intimate and profound meaning.


Curated by Nicolas Ballario and Federica Crivellaro


Press Office - CLP Relazioni Pubbliche | Anna Defrancesco  anna.defrancesco@clp1968.it

Vincent van Gogh. Artist and reader

Mudec | Museo Delle Culture, From September 21st, 2023 until Januray 28th, 2024

Van Gogh is a painter we all know, but he was also an extremely cultured intellectual. To understand the complexity of his personality, beyond the most overused clichés, it is important and necessary to focus not only on his poetics and his painting technique but also on the richness and depth of his cultural interests that underlie his vision of life and art.

This exhibition, presented by MUDEC in Milan from September 21, 2023, to January 28, 2024, aims to go in this direction. It overturns the perspective of the Van Gogh stereotype and presents a Vincent van Gogh who is less of an outsider and more surprisingly up-to-date on the cultural debate of his time: a passionate reader and collector of prints, as well as an attentive observer of the most current artistic trends. Through a chronological and thematic path, the exhibition proposes a new reading of Van Gogh's works that highlights the relationship between his painterly vision and the depth of his cultural dimension, through the development of two themes of great relevance: on the one hand, his passionate interest in books, and on the other hand, his fascination with Japan fueled by his love for Japanese prints, which he himself collected in large numbers.

The exhibition is curated by art historian Professor Francesco Poli, Mariella Guzzoni, researcher and curator of the "Van Gogh: living with books" fil rouge, which runs throughout the exhibition, and Aurora Canepari, responsible curator of the Edoardo Chiossone Oriental Art Museum in Genoa, curator of the "Van Gogh and Japonism" section.

The exhibition, produced by 24 ORE Cultura - Gruppo 24 ORE and promoted by the City of Milan-Culture, is made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands, which has an extraordinary collection of paintings and drawings by the Dutch painter, second only to that of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


In collaboration with the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo


Curated by Francesco Poli, Mariella Guzzoni and Aurora Canepari


Press office: 24 ORE Cultura, Elettra Occhini, phone: 3666462519


Palazzo Reale - From September 22nd, to November 26th, 2023

Luigi & Iango present their first photography exhibition Unveiled.

The exhibition will present more than 100 fine art prints of their most acclaimed work, as well as unpublished, archive, behind the scene materials and videos.

An introspection rather than a retrospective. The artistic duo manages to converge on a single approach in their search for images that are aesthetically beautiful and at the same time a reflection of our society and of today's values.


Press Office: KARLA OTTO | luca.milani@karlaotto.com

In The Wind of Poetry. Mother Nature within the books and works of Alberto Casiraghy

Museo di Storia Naturale - From September 23 to November 12th, 2023

Alberto Casiraghy is a poet of Nature. In his Pulcinoelefante editions, of which few copies are printed, he plays all kinds of roles, including that of typographer, author, artist and publisher.

The wind, trees, forest, river, sea and his animal “friends” are all present. Many of his little books are on display with aphorisms on these themes, pivotal and often unsettling. They are accompanied by imaginative, surreal graphics and collages.

However, there are also unreleased works dedicated to Nature that are surprising, unique and in harmony with the exhibition venue.


Curated by Andrea Tomasetig


Pandemic Papers

Casa della Memoria - From September 29, to October 15th, 2023

Nicola Bertasi's artistic project was born from the reworking of photographic materials from the US National Archives relating to the Spanish flu.

With digital collages and creative graphic and material interventions, the artist develops a new story linked to the recent pandemic caused by Covid-19.

The overlapping of the two temporal planes highlights a sense of disorientation and anxiety that makes us reflect on the cyclical nature of historical events and on how humanity reacts to them. 



Curated by Valeria Ribaldi; historical texts by Francesco Cutolo

Morandi 1890 - 1964

Palazzo Reale - From October 5th, 2023 to February 4th, 2024

Morandi 1890-1964 is an exhibition curated by Maria Cristina Bandera. Because of the quantity and quality of works on display, it is one of the most important and comprehensive retrospective exhibitions on the Bologna-born painter held in the last few decades. It perfectly falls in line with the deep appreciation for Morandi’s work in prestigious international venues, from the Metropolitan Museum in New York (2008), to the Pushkin in Moscow (2017), and the Guggenheim in Bilbao (2019).

An exhibition corpus of about 120 works traces the entire oeuvre of the Bologna-born artist – fifty years of activity, from 1913 to 1963 – by means of outstanding loans from leading public institutions and prestigious private collections. 

The exhibition follows a chronological order with targeted and unprecedented comparisons with other artists, documenting Morandi’s stylistic evolution and modus operandi. It features 34 sections narrating the various phases in the Maestro’s art.

Curated by Maria Cristina Bandera.


Press Office: elettra.occhini@ilsole24ore.com and ombretta.roverselli@civita.art


El Greco

Palazzo Reale - From October 11, 2023 to February 11, 2024

An unprecedented exhibition dedicated to the renowned painter El Greco, arrives in Milan for the first time at the First Floor of Palazzo Reale, from 11 October 2023 to 11 February 2024.

The impact of Italian models on his formation is investigated and the Toledano period is interpreted as a conscious recovery of the Byzantine compositional approach. The exhibition focuses on El Greco’s relationship with the places where he lived, reconstructing his biography and comparing it with the great Roman and Venetian painting. The powerful theme of the labyrinth emerges, revealing the artist’s life as an immense novel of formation among the cultural capitals of the Mediterranean.

The exhibition includes masterpieces on loan from major international museums, including the famous San Martino and the beggar and the Laocoonte of the National Gallery of Washington, the Portrait of Jeronimo De Cevallos of the Prado Museum, the two Annunciations of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the San Giovanni and San Francesco of the Uffizi Galleries, as well as extraordinary works of ecclesiastical institutions that come to Italy for the first time. 

Curated by Juan Antonio García Castro, Palma Martínez-Burgos García and Thomas Clement Salomon.


Press Office :

Paola Caterina Manfredi: paola.manfredi@paolamanfredi.com

Federica Farci: federica@paolamanfredi.com

Mariana Castillo Deball - Light behind unfinished tracks (working title)

Mudec | Museo delle Culture, agorà - From October 19th, 2023 to April 7th, 2024 (final date to be defined)

The second site-specific project in MUDEC's agorà space is commissioned to contemporary artist Mariana Castillo Deball (b. 1975), who will present a monumental textile installation. 

Trained as an archeologist, the Mexican artist uses the tactic of carefully discovering different textile fragments in the museum's collection and the heritage of the Fondazione Ratti (Como), freely interpreting them and combining them into large-scale assemblages, de facto textile sculptures.

The arrangement of them along the louvered window of agorà creates a dialogue between the various elements, the work as a whole and the windows, overturning the traditional logic of the exhibition: the artwork is no longer behind the glass but on it. Light behind unfinished tracks precedes the museum's next exhibition project, which will center on the vitrine and different contexts associated with it.


Curated by Katya Inozemtseva, MUDEC – Museo delle Culture

in collaboration with NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) - Milano


Mudec - Museo delle Culture - From October 25th, 2023 to March 10th, 2024

The exhibition, in collaboration with Musée Rodin, Paris, is curated by Aude Chevalier, curator of the sculpture department at Musée Rodin, Elena Cervellati, expert in history, theory and practices of dance, and Cristiana Natali, expert in the anthropology and ethnography of dance and performance art. 

Following the exhibition held at Musée Rodin in Paris, which addressed the theme from a general perspective, this edition at Mudec is inspired by the corpus of small terracottas dedicated by Rodin to dance movements, which were also the result of an encounter with Cambodian culture, to finally join the contemporary language of dance and choreography. 

Core of the exhibition are materials coming from Musée Rodin (about 60 works including original photographs, drawings and, mainly, sculptures, such the terracotta dancers from the series dedicated by the Parisian master to dance movements), compared with a selection of Cambodian objects taken from ethno-anthropological museum collections (prints, small sculptures, musical instruments, puppets and “shadows”). 

The story will be complemented by video materials, film and documentary excerpts describing the dancers who were met and studied by Rodin, as well as Cambodian culture and its dances. Finally, a selection of contemporary choreography inspired by Rodin. These videos will interact with Rodin's sculptures to create a game of visual and symbolic cross-references. 


Curated by Aude Chevalier, Elena Cervellati and Cristiana Natali


Press office: 24 ORE Cultura Cell. 366/6462519

Invisible fish

Acquario Civico di Milano - From October 27th to November 26th, 2023

Ivano Sossella enters directly into a dialogue with the Civic Aquarium of Milan introducing inside and right into his fish population, a new creature that nobody knows, creating the expositive project invisible fish.

The exhibition present ten pieces that relate with the species inside the zoological site realising an original consideration about the disappearance of more and more species of fish.

The observer is the actor of a process of research and identification of shapes.


Curated by Ida Terracciano

Cent'anni a Milano. Un secolo di storia e società attraverso la presenza del Rotary

Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine - From October 27th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024

The exhibition shows, with paintings, sculptures, videos, pictures and documents, the last one hundred years history of Milan through the participation of several Rotary personalities who, in different ways and various fields, gave their contribution to the development of the city.

Between them, Ettore Modigliani and Paolo Grassi for the cultural field or the patron Ettore Conti.

A space is also dedicated to the witnesses of the commitment for initiatives such as the foundation of the Istituto dei Tumori, wanted by Luigi Mangiagalli, the urbanistic development of Milano thanks to architects like Piero Portaluppi and Giò Ponti, but also the national one with the Autostrada del Sole, strongly promoted by the associated entrepreneurs Pirelli, Falck, Mazzocchi.


Curated by Stefano Zuffi and Lorenza Salamon


Palazzo Reale - From October 31st, 2023 to March 3rd, 2024

Palazzo Reale will host the exhibition 'Goya. The Rebellion of Reason', an important opportunity to discover the works of this Spanish master. His artistic career developed over a long historical period, saturated with epochal events, political, social, ideological changes that ushered in a new era of History.
Goya lived through the end of the Old Regime, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, the Absolutist Restoration. He only represented this turbulent era: he himself experienced a revolution in painting linked with such historical complexity; a change that he was able to express through images. The seven thematic sections of the exhibition will allow to discover how the artist transformed painting into a revolutionary language breaking off with the established rules and plastic systems, as well as with the imitation of models. The style of Goya's mature years has no models, it represents the intimate and unique expression of an artist who creates art while at the same time revolutionising it with a new language.
The exhibition, curated by Victor Nieto Alcaide, was made possible thanks to the collaboration with a cultural institution of the highest level: the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid.



Curated by Víctor Nieto Alcaide



Press office: Ufficio Stampa 24 ORE Cultura | elettra.occhini@ilsole24ore.com

Gabriele Basilico. Le mie città

Palazzo Reale - From October 13th, 2023 to February 11th, 2024 / Triennale di Milano - From October 13th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024

Ten years after his death, Milan is devoting a major exhibition to Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013), divided between two exhibition venues: Palazzo Reale and Triennale Milano. This is the first great tribute that the city in which Basilico was born and lived has paid to the photographer and his cosmopolitan gaze, capable of capturing the essence of all cities.

The exhibition will present some 500 works, starting from his survey of Milan at the Triennale and then looking and arriving at the World at Palazzo Reale.
The exhibition is promoted and produced by the Comune di Milano-Cultura, Palazzo Reale and Triennale Milano, together with Electa, and created with the scientific collaboration of the Archivio Gabriele Basilico.

At Palazzo Reale the exhibition is curated by Giovanna Calvenzi and Filippo Maggia and presents a selection of works on Basilico's major international commissions; at the Triennale, where the curatorship is entrusted to Giovanna Calvenzi and Matteo Balduzzi, a broad selection of images of Milan and its outer suburbs is exhibited.


Curated by Giovanna Calvenzi and Filippo Maggia.


Press Office:monica.brognoli@electa.it ; ilaria.maggi@electa.it


Argentina. What the night tells the day.

PAC | Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From November 21st, 2023 to February 11th, 2024

The exhibition offers a selection of works created by more than thirty Argentine artists of different generations over the last fifty years. Through sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and performances, the curatorial project develops on three axes – irony, literality and quotation – which present different ways of approaching the representation of a culture often characterized, in the past as well as today, by forms of violence.


Curated by Andrés Duprat and Diego Sileo.

Gianni Sassi

Fabbrica Del Vapore - From December 2023 to March 2024

Graphic designer, record producer, cultural promoter, advertising innovator Gianni Sassi was a central figure in Milan in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century.

Together with him, Gino di Maggio, Francesco Leonetti, Fabio Simion, Monica Palla, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Aldo Colonetti, Arrigo Lora Totino, Nanni Balestrini, Roberto Masotti, Marco Maria Sigiani, Fabrizio Garghetti, Valeria Magli and a wide range of intellectuals gave life to magazines of the caliber of Bit, Alfabeta, La Gola, to performative and musical activities such as Milano Suono and Milano Poesia.


Thirty years after his death, Milan celebrates him with a new production by Studio Azzurro.

A Vitrine: no touching, no spitting, no praying (working title)

Mudec | Museo Delle Culture. Sale Focus - 2024 Date to be defined

The exhibition reflects on the traditional concept of the vitrine and its central role in display projects.

A vitrine belongs to the domain of «classic museum display»: separates and at the same time exhibits the object, offering it while creating a barrier for the viewer. The «mortalizing» effect of the vitrine in ethnographic museums, where representation is equal to death, affects the artworks. The latter, previously deprived of their original contexts and functions, are now reconsidered in the exhibition through contemporary art practice. We undertake an attempt to reflect over, shift and deconstruct the common premise, working with multidisciplinary artists from various backgrounds and with unique local experiences.


Curated by Katya Inozemtseva.


Press office 24 ORE CULTURA - GRUPPO 24 ORE | Elettra Occhini | elettra.occhini@ilsole24ore.com 

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