A stroll through my Milanese Christmas

My story among the lights

Stefania Giannatempo Tourist businesswoman and software programmer for passion

The Christmas festivities are the period in which I love to walk along the streets of the city warmed by the lights of the festive lights, looking for original decorations. The shop windows, especially the many historic shops, are a land of conquest for my curiosity, always looking for new creations. Another unmissable stop is the artisan confectioners and their artistic creations of panettone and chocolate; among all my favourites there’s the Pasticceria Moriondo: here I went with my grandmother, who came to visit me for the holidays, to eat the Moriondo's soft amaretto.


I love the preparation for Christmas: to be spoilt for choice between the traditional panettone and those of new experimentation, the decoration of the house tree with the background of Christmas music and the tour of the best digital trees in the Milano squares, the songs and the choirs between the Duomo and the many churches in the neighborhood: among my favorites there is the basilica of Sant'Ambrogio where I went as a child, the faces of children who look surprised at the decorations and the lights.


Wander around Milano aboard the Historic Tram that unites the modern city in perfect harmony with the classic warmth of the wood of the tram. The itinerary allows you to enjoy the magic of Christmas combined with the wonders of the city centre. If you are in the center you can’t miss tasting a special coffee, even if not typically Milanese, at Caffè Napoli.


The magic of the Darsena and the Navigli, as well as the numerous markets scattered around the city, is a cant-miss. If you are in Darsena at lunchtime, stop at the Mercato Comunale Ticinese for a tailor-made sandwich... buy the bread, then move to the nearby counter for a good slice of goat cheese and finish with the salumi.. and here it is your sandwich.


My mission in this period is fundamental: to create guides and suggest locations where you can savour Milanese specialities as well as guided tours to discover the lesser-known traditions and events of our city.