The churches of Milano... in all senses

Access for visually impaired and hearing impaired visitors in 15 Milanese churches

Fifteen of the most beautiful churches in Milano are now accessible to all visitors through the use of multisensory and multimedia panels that have been installed to aid visually impaired visitors.

The project has been named Le chiese di Milano... in tutti i sensi (The churches of Milan ... in all senses). The buildings’ interiors are descibed by informative panels that integrate visual, tactile and auditory communication thanks to an innovative printing technique and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Each panel provides:


  • A short description in Braille, in Italian and English, that provides essential information on the church
  • An embossed map in the central part, with a numerical display of the individual zones indicated in a key which enables orientation inside the building
  • Representation of the façade that integrating visual and tactile content
  • QR Code: framing the code with your smartphone, you can access the available contents in various ways: audio for the visually impaired, video with subtitles and translation in Lis (Italian Sign Language) for the hearing impaired, followed by a brief introduction to the history of the church and a description of the building, of significant works within, and of the church façade


The itinerary chosen for the project, developed by Tactile Vision Onlus and sponsored by the Italian Union of the Blind in collaboration with the City Hall, comprises the following churches:


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