A compact city, an excellent public transport network, and an urban ecosystem that has put sustainability at the heart of its contemporary identity: Milano is the ideal destination to host trade events that are environmentally sustainable, but also economically profitable and socially inclusive.

As a local partner, the YesMilano Convention Bureau takes you by the hand throughout the organization of your event, congress or convention, providing the necessary support and information from the planning stage to the actual unfolding of the event.

Contact us to organize your sustainable event in Milano. In the meantime, here you can find a list of ideas and projects active in the Milano Metro Area.

Useful materials for planning a sustainable event


  • ForestaMi is a key project for decarbonizing Milano. Three million additional trees are planned to be planted by 2030. Any company or individual can make the difference by giving their contribution in reaching this goal and making Milano’s air cleaner and life in the city better. Write here to get involved.

Projects combating food waste

Volunteer Programs

  • ​​​​​​The program Volontari per Milano offers opportunities for occasional volunteering at city initiatives in environment, culture, social solidarity, sports events as well as education. Find out here how you can volunteer for Milano. Also, public and private bodies that organize some specific types of large-scale events in the city can also seek volunteers by launching calls. Write for more information.

Suggestions for leaving your legacy in Milano


Neighborhoods and sustainability: live Milano like a local

  • YesMilano Restaurants is the platform to discover the city's restaurants neighborhood by neighborhood and navigate its various cuisines, including short supply chain products, vegetarian and vegan menus and other culinary options.
  • YesMilano Live allows you to find all the events around Milano in one place.
  • Sustainability is a great and ongoing transformation, which also passes through individual daily gestures. You too can make a contribution to sustainability during your stay in the city: here are some suggestions for experiencing Milano sustainably.