Emergency Calls

112 is the emergency number. How to make a call

112 is the European emergency number. 

you can call 112 from any mobile or landline for the fire department, a medical team and the police .


When to call 112?

  • when someone including you has: severe discomfort, loss of conscience, difficulty in breathing, chest pain
  • Every certain or supposed life threatening situation
  • In case of a serious accident with wounded or severely injured dead persons.
  • When a building, forest or car is on fire.
  • When you are the victim or witness of a fight.
  • When you see someone break into a house. 


What do you say when you call an emergency number?

When you need to call an emergency number, you often are in a stressful situation. 
Nevertheless it is important to provide the operator with precise and correct information about what is going on. 
You will be the eyes of the operator: stay calm observe the situation and locate where you are.
Operators are highly trained to ask exactly what it is needed to deliver a safe, quick response.
Listen to the operator and answer his questions. 
This is what the operator wants to hear from you:

  • the exact location
  • what has happened
  • whether there are people in threat of life, injured or wounded
  • who you are
  1. Call 112 when calling you can choose to speak English
  2. Calmly wait for the answer. Don’t hang up, because then you will find yourself again at the bottom of the waiting list.
    When you called an emergency number by accident, then don’t hang up, but tell the operator that everything is fine. This way the operator is sure that there is no emergency.
  3. Provide the correct address to which the emergency services need to go (city, street, number, intersection, special access, emergency telephone, etc.) and possibly the easiest way to get there. If you don’t call from the place of the incident, tell this to the operator.
    If you are using the WHEREAREU app, your GPS location is transmitted authomatically to the operator. The operator could ask you again about where you are. It is a normal double-check procedure.
  4. Describe what has happened (fire, accident, aggression, burglary, heart attack, etc.).
  5. Indicate whether there are persons in danger or wounded and how many.
  6. Don’t hang up before the operator says you can.
  7. Keep the telephone with you, and keep the line free: the operator will call you back if he needs more information.
  8. If the situation should deteriorate or improve, then call the emergency centre again to communicate this. 

Every phone call with the Emergency number 112 is automatically recorded along with its location, calling number and phone id.

If you want to get prepared to any emergency, download on your smartphone and register to the WHEREAREU App. This app can place an emergency call and provide in real time the 112 operators with additional info such as: which emergency are you calling for,  your exact GPS location, and whether you are making an emergency silent call.

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